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elmalek furniture

Elmalek Furniture is a big name, get to know it closely

elmalek furniture is a big name in the world of furniture in Egypt and the Arab world. It is one of the best factories and exhibitions that has proven itself in its ability to provide everything that is distinctive and new in line with the requirements of the era. Its main goal is the comfort of its customers, so the details for it mean a lot. It is a living example of the accuracy of choosing Excellent materials, international designs and high-end colors, always achieving the difficult equation by providing the needs of modern homes in the sizes that suit them, while providing competitive prices, offers and many discounts to customers, all of its products are implemented by the signature of a selection of the most skilled workers and expert technicians, learn more about it through the following lines.

Information about the elmalek furniture Company

El Malek is considered one of the best factories that offer modern furniture in Egypt, offering various modern models.

It is not an ordinary furniture fair, but it is a large company engaged in the production, manufacture and sale of all kinds of high-end and modern home furniture.

The company produces furniture in its factory in Obour City.

It displays its own products in its main showroom on Nozha Street in Heliopolis.

The location of the exhibition is in a privileged place to reach it very easily, and before visiting it, you can learn about the exhibits offered by the elmalek.

Because it is concerned with the convenience of customers, it presents all the exhibits through its official website and social media.

Where you can find it on Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube and Instagram, to see the exhibits on nature with pictures and videos.

El Malek is interested in providing everything new in the world of furniture, and constantly follows the latest international catalogs.

Furniture website

Many services provided by El Malek Furniture for the convenience of customers, most notably its website.

It is a window into the world of high-end furniture and a huge catalog of the latest fashionable models.

The most important features of the site are:

It includes organized tabs that are easy to access and work with.
It has seven sections that are very easy to navigate.
The first section includes the bedrooms in all their sections (the main rooms, beds, cupboards, dressing gowns, wardrobes and children’s bedrooms).
The second section is dedicated to living rooms and includes corners, sofas, sofas, and modern chairs.
The third site section includes dining rooms, buffets, tables and dining chairs.
The fourth section is devoted to accessories and contains tables and consoles.
The blog section is the fifth section and offers excellent articles on decor, furniture, and important tips for organizing a modern home.
The sixth section includes ways to communicate with the exhibition and how to purchase and reserve.
A sixth section is Special Offers, which includes discounts and promotions announced by El Malek Furniture from time to time.
The site is available in both Arabic and English.
It includes a search box to facilitate getting what you want directly on the site to save time.
When searching in the possible, you can choose the section in which you are searching by clicking on the arrow next to the search box.
Shopping on the site is very easy, as you can choose what you want and add it to your cart.
If you like any product, you can add it to your favourites by clicking on the heart icon at the top left of the screen.
You can register on the site with your email and password to facilitate the purchase process.
The site contains many exhibits whose specifications are presented in detail and with utmost transparency.
You can see the products on the site with clear and real pictures, knowing the product sizes and the materials used.
All product prices are indicated on the website.
All contact information from the exhibition address and phone numbers are available on the website.
You can request to subscribe to the website’s newsletter to see all that is new.
You can go to El Malek Furniture pages on social networking sites easily by clicking on its icons available at the bottom left of the site.

elmalek furniture

elmalek furniture

El Malek exhibitions and factories are considered one of the best furniture exhibitions in Egypt, as it is characterized by many specifications, the most important of which are the following:

It offers the latest designs and modern international models.
El Malek experts are constantly updated on the latest fashion trends.
The factory and showrooms include a group of workers and engineers who specialize in decorations and designs.
The El Malek uses in his factories the finest and finest red beech wood, as well as the wood of the counter.
The factory materials are strong and can withstand for many years without being damaged, broken or twisted.
The products are reinforced with HPL shell, which is anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial, water-resistant and anti-humid.
All materials used are safe for adults and children.
The best types of stainless steel 304 are relied upon, which is one of the strongest types. It has a thickness of 1.5 mm, does not rust and does not change color.
The El Malek for Furniture uses the finest types of Spanish marble and is imported from abroad.
All factory products are strong and their colors are modern.
Provides excellent customer service, with product disassembly and installation specialists.
The finish of the products is excellent, with no flaws or faults.
Strictly punctuality, as the date of receipt is determined upon contracting.
Products are made to order according to the desire and choice of the customer.
The best furniture showroom in Heliopolis

El Malek Furniture is one of the largest and most important furniture fairs in Cairo, specifically in Heliopolis.

A big name is not just an ordinary furniture fair, but a long history of work and creativity.

It is a large factory that offers high-end furniture products with the utmost precision and perfection. What is manufactured is displayed and sold in the El Malek Gallery.

So it’s not just an exhibition that markets other factories’ products, but it’s an integrated structure.

The furniture cutting journey begins with following up on international catalogs and selecting the best ones, then selecting the finest materials.

Then the manufacturing is done with perfection and under the supervision of experts and engineers, to be implemented in the end, the customer gets the best products that the eyes can see.

elmalek furniture Products

What does this big factory offer? What are the most important furniture products it provides?

Will you find everything you need to establish your home?

Or will you have to look elsewhere?

The El Malek offers the most luxurious, finest and finest types of home furniture, so you will find everything you need.

That’s because it works with the slogan “We are here for your home” so you will find it has all the necessary rooms for your home to be complete and upscale and does not lack anything.

Where you will find everything you dream about, as follows:

master bedrooms

It offers the best designs that provide you comfort and relaxation in your bedroom.

It offers beds in a variety of sizes up to 2 meters, with high-end design poufs.

And wheels with a distinctive division and hairstyles of great beauty.

All pieces are crafted from red beech wood, with a premium finish.

It also provides dressing rooms that are made to order and according to sizes that fit the bedroom.

Children’s bedrooms

El Malek Furniture also offers children’s rooms, which are distinctive and have innovative and attractive designs.

You will find it has one bed, or two beds, and it also offers rooms with double beds to save space.

His children’s rooms are modern and funky, with forms including desk, library and dresser.

Thus, the child will find the shape that suits his age, with delicate and attractive colors that suit both genders.

In addition to providing large storage spaces so that there is no clutter in the place, to save small clothes and scattered toys.

All this with attention to safety, because natural materials are used that do not get decay or moisture, and are anti-harmful bacteria.

And all of the kids designs are free of sharp corners, so that little ones won’t get hurt.

This is with the possibility of adding distinctive pieces to the child’s room, such as a pouf or a comfortable chair.

elmalek furniture

Dining Room

One of the most important rooms offered by the elmalek furniture and which customers care about, because it is the place where family members meet to eat.

It is also used in family parties and reception of guests, so it must be elegant, comfortable and impressive at the same time.

All dining rooms at elmalek furniture are modern with modern colors and elegant designs.

The most important feature of it is the availability of dining tables that suit all spaces.

There is a circular design with four or six chairs for small spaces.

Designs suitable for chalets, kitchens and small houses.

Slightly larger designs are also available in rectangular or oval shape, with 6, 8 or 10 chairs.

Which are suitable for large houses and villas, so that each customer finds the design that suits him.

This is with the presence of the upscale buffet that changes its sizes according to the space and the configuration of the room as a whole.

With other accessories and additions to the dining room, such as the pouf and panquette, to add other seats to the table.

Living room

elmalek furniture offers all the requirements of the modern home from beautiful furniture.

It offers living room necessities, so you will find Les Modern Sofas with its delicate designs and colors.

The number of pieces suitable for the space can be chosen completely freely.

It also provides corners with various designs, whether free design, the letter U, or the corner letter L.

This is in addition to the sofas and chairs available for purchase in case you want to increase the number of seats in the room.

Knowing that all woods are made of counter wood and red beech, and the fabrics are imported, treated that does not shrink, does not lose its color, and is easy to clean.

The colors of the corners and sofas are elegant and modern, you find them calm and distinctive.

accessories department

elmalek furniture provides some additions for modern homes that can be purchased individually to add elegance and beauty to the home.

One of the most important of these accessories is the console, which is used in the facades of homes and villas in a luxurious manner.

Guests are greeted with elegant chairs of the same color and design.

Tables are also available in impressive shapes and designs that fit the supplied rooms, lounges and salons.

Why elmalek furniture?

Your choice of furniture showrooms in Heliopolis elmalek means that you get many advantages as follows:

Modern designs.
Excellent finishes.
Competitive prices.
After sales service.
Warranty on all product details.
Excellent treatment.
Products made to order.
Fashionable colours.
Strong and imported materials.
Strong natural wood.
Imported and processed fabrics.
Imported strong marble.
Non-rusting metals.
All rooms are in one place with modern designs.
A professionally designed website to provide the best shopping experience.
Decor experts to provide consultations to clients and help them choose.
The products come from the factory straight to the consumer.
Experts and specialists in the manufacture of furniture in Al-Malik factories in Al-Obour.
Every piece of furniture is carefully supervised and ensured that it conforms to standard specifications.

elmalek furniture

You can find out more models of master bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, modern chairs, buffets with the Elmalek for furniture, and the latest international designs through the following links:

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Also, all our products are available to know their details through the website dining chair upholstered seats and many designs are dining chair modern, chair modern furniture, Buffet Large Brown, modern buffet design by following

Elmalek Furniture is on Facebook.

Elmalek furniture on youtube

Elmalek Furniture on Instagram.

You can follow Elmalek Furniture on Tik Tok here.

غرف نوم مودرن 2022

Modern bedrooms 2022 and a special presentation of the Elmalek designs

Modern bedrooms 2022 are modern and modern designs loved by newlyweds, because they are in line with the requirements of new homes and advanced tastes, very different from the classic style, whether in designs, colors and even the size of furniture pieces, choosing them requires you to be careful so that you have the room you dream of and fit your home with all its details. Learn about many of its models at Al-Malik Furniture, which is known for providing everything that is modern and luxurious.

Bedroom Catalog 2022

When you want to buy distinctive pieces of furniture, you need to search to find the place that provides you with what you want.

Of course, there is nothing better and more elegant than Elmalek Furniture, which offers you the latest international models.

You will find his website and his pages on social networking sites with many pictures and videos.

You can choose from them, because they are characterized by diversity and renewal constantly, as well as modernity taken from the latest international catalogs.

It is made of premium quality materials with a great finish.

This is not all, but you can choose the models that suit you for each piece of Modern Bedroom 2022.

Then you ask to be executed according to the colors, materials and sizes that are suitable for you and your home and its decorations.

To provide you with the Elmalek of furniture experts, a unique modern bedroom made for you alone.

You receive the room directly from our factories, and its installer is supervised by specialized experts.

Modern Bedrooms 2022

To have a bedroom in your house, this is normal.

But for this room to be distinctive and designed according to your own standards, this is something that can only be achieved with Elmalek Furniture.

Which provides the latest international designs and is implemented by the most skilled workers, technicians and experts.

The details of your entire bedroom are made of the finest wood, with a high-end finish.

The most important components of the room that are required to complement the elegance and luxury of the place, the most prominent of these additions are the following:

Room lighting: The bedroom needs soft and romantic lights to provide relaxation and help a peaceful sleep.
Rugs: They are chosen from soft materials and light, thin colors that match the colors of the rest of the room, while choosing subtle and not exaggerated patterns.
Paints: The colors of the walls have a great role in achieving psychological comfort, so they should be calm and light, such as white, rose, milk, off-white and gray.
Dark curtains: heavy type, preferably cotton, velor or linen, to provide warmth, while darkening the room during the day when needed.
Silk curtains: their shape, design and colors, they must be elegant and fit the colors of the room as a whole, and light to provide air and light naturally.
Bed linen: It is chosen from soft cotton materials, with colors proportional to the rest of the room, while staying away from the stark colors and the many patterns.
Side tables: They are lightweight and can be moved from one position to another as desired, great for coffee and juice while reading your favorite book.
TV table: It is used to put the TV with some antiques and books.
Storage unit: It can be used in the case of large rooms, and is used to place bedding, towels and many things.
Banquette or seat: One of the important additions that is used for sitting, and a pouf can also be used.
Small sofa: very useful as a place to sit in the bedroom, ideal for relaxing, reading and watching TV.
Longitudinal mirror: special for women in particular, it helps in applying makeup and getting dressed.
Elegant lampshades: They are used on the lamps to provide distinctive lighting during the night.

Modern Bedrooms 2022

Bedrooms complete with wardrobe and dresser

The components and pieces of furniture included in the modern bedroom are varied, and you can choose the complete room.

Or you have to choose some items and not others, depending on your desire and according to the available budget and the space of the room.

The decor experts present the most important pieces of furniture that you need, whether basic or additional.

This is as follows:

main bed

One of the most important components of the modern bedrooms 2022 as it appears with a completely different design on the classic designs.

Most of the modern designs find captonite lined with high-density sponge, which looks great.

It also uses imported processed fabrics for upholstery, to obtain a distinctive design.

Bearing in mind that few modern designs have legs, because most of them are now based on the ground.

This new shape allows for a drawer as a distinctive storage space that eliminates a lot of clutter in the room.

Other designs are available that contain their own library, or suites that contain commas.

The main bed is also distinguished by its large width compared to any other bed in the rooms of the house, to accommodate more than one person.

big wheel

It is also one of the most important pieces in the bedroom, it must be made of strong and durable materials.

It should also have a modern design that matches the design of the cupboard, whether in colors or patterns.

Its interior design is versatile to contain a lot of hangers and shelves, so that clothes are organized and arranged properly.

It also includes many hangers with upper units for storage, in addition to drawers of all sizes and shapes.

It can be with ordinary or sliding doors, according to desire and space.

Dressing room in modern bedrooms 2022

It is considered the practical and advanced alternative to wardrobes in modern bedrooms 2022 and is implemented to order.

This is because they are made in certain sizes depending on the available space in the room, whether it is large or small.

It has refined interior lighting, plush glass doors, with plenty of shelves, hangers, drawers and storage units.

In addition to a place to sit for wearing clothes and shoes, which is allocated a good place in the design.

Its price is determined by the dimensions and the cost per square meter, and its design must be suitable for the design of the room as a whole.


The 2022 Modern Bedrooms also include these important pieces, of which you can find two next to the bed.

With the need for them not only for the purpose of luxury and complement the beauty of the bedroom.

But they are very important next to your bed to keep all the things you want at night.

Such as lampshades, medicines, reading glasses, a favorite book and some flowers and accessories.

Therefore, its design must be distinctive and suitable for the bed,

wardrobe and dresser, with drawers or a fold to store what you want.


One of the important components of a complete modern bedroom,

in front of which cosmetics and hairdressing are used.

It is of interest to both men and women, so it is designed in an attractive way,

and from distinctive materials.

It includes a mirror that is clean and provides a clear view, with drawers and a roller for storing lots of belongings.

With its own seat or bench, to be seated in a comfortable position.

It is upholstered using premium materials that do not fall or change shape over time.

Modern Bedrooms 2022

Modern Bedrooms 2022

What is the difference between the 2022 modern bedrooms and the traditional classic bedrooms.

The modern designs are simple in their shape, streamlined,

and do not contain engravings, engravings, or oysters.

The design is also classic, it has a lot of engravings that are mostly made by hand.

The size of the pieces in modern rooms is small and its weight is light, so it is easy to move and move it from one place to another.

The classic furniture pieces are heavy and heavy.

In terms of colours, the wood color is predominantly the old design, with some of the other colors being mostly dark.

Such as black, brown, olive, burgundy, green, and mauve.

As for the modern rooms, they are distinguished by their light and delicate colors,

such as pastel colors and earth tones.

Where you find it tends to white, gray, light mauve, milky, off-white, and beige.

Modern bedroom prices 2022

Elmalek Furniture offers the most beautiful and luxurious modern bedroom.

All his designs are modern and inspired by the latest international catalogs.

Including the Andso room

It is distinguished by the fact that it includes important and basic furniture pieces,

which are the bed, the dresser, the chair, the pouf, and 2 nightstands, in addition to the TV unit.

It has a sophisticated light color “Off White” with a Captonian sarees lined with the finest types of fabrics and sponges.

It was manufactured from solid materials of wood with red beech and HPL veneer.

And use imported fabrics treated against fading or shrinkage.

As for the design as a whole, it is wonderful and harmonious in every detail.

Modern Bedrooms 2022

Modern Bedrooms 2022 Yulin

A distinctive design within the modern bedrooms of 2022, consisting of a quilted bed, 180 cm wide, comfortable and distinctive.

With 2 modern suppliers, with an elegant hairstyle and comfortable buff to sit on.

This is in addition to the TV unit that holds the screen and the receiver in an elegant and elegant form.

Distinctive modern room

A distinctive design bearing the name of the room Petrillo, it is a beautiful oil color.

The bed is 180 cm wide, with sturdy legs that raise it slightly off the floor for a luxurious look.

With bed head lining of high-density foam, and fabrics that have been treated so they won’t shrink or lose color.

The headboard design also looks like suites that contain poufs with the bed in the same cozy configuration.

Contemporary cylinder-shaped pouffes, equipped with strong marbles, can withstand hot and cold drinks.

Modern Prentice Room

Modern bedrooms 2022, including this sophisticated design, which includes a 180 cm bed.

There are 2 modern consoles with a distinctive design with drawers that hold a lot of things.

The colors of the pillows are in harmony with the bed, as they combine beige with black.

As for the dresser of this room, it is of white color that breaks the intensity of the rest of the colors.

It consists of a vertical mirror with a clear view, with several wide and large side drawers, to carry all the cosmetics and cosmetics in an organized manner.

Modern sleep mode

Contemporary room in a charming gray color Bellaby.

With a 180 cm wide bed, with upholstery of the finest types of fabrics that achieve warmth and psychological comfort.

With the modern addition of 2 nightstands in the same dark gray color, with a strong marble top, cylindrical shape and several deep drawers.

This with the addition of a gray marble dresser that has a beautiful circular mirror, which achieves a distinctive view.

غرفة رامو

Modern bedrooms 2022 Elmalek Furniture are all distinctive, there is no similarity between one design and another.

That’s because it’s always creative, offering everything new and trendy.

This room features a large modern bed with a width of 2 meters,

with white fabrics in the colors of the bridal bedrooms to provide a feeling of purity and relaxation.

The fabrics are also treated and strong and the sponge does not droop because it is high in density,

so the bed will keep its beauty and elegance for many years.

This is in addition to 2 bedside table in brown color, which have wide and deep drawers,

which hold a lot of needs and purposes.

There is also a large wardrobe with a width of 280 cm, which is similar in design to a dressing room.

It has a special interior partition that suffices for all your clothes and items.

غرفة رامو

From the above, it can be said that Elmalek Furniture has the most beautiful and latest modern bedrooms 2022 that can be obtained by request, just choose the shape you want from the 2022 bedroom, and specify the sizes and colors,

so that all the details are implemented according to your desire.

You can find out more models of master bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, modern chairs, buffets with the Elmalek for furniture, and the latest international designs through the following links:

You can follow Modern Bedrooms 2022, Romantic bridal bedroom colors curtains and Elmalek furniture models

Also, all our products are available to know their details through the website dining chair upholstered seats and many designs are dining chair modern, chair modern furniture, Buffet Large Brown, modern buffet design by following

Elmalek Furniture is on Facebook.

Elmalek furniture on youtube

Elmalek Furniture on Instagram.

You can follow Elmalek Furniture on Tik Tok here.



اوض النو

Modern sleep bedroom with Elmalek Furniture and 7 tips for choosing the best designs

When choosing the latest modern master bedroom, start thinking about what you need and want in the bedroom.

Do you need a lot of storage space? Do you want a seating area? When do you need a TV in your bedroom?

Once you have an idea of ​​your needs, start shopping for furniture that meets those needs.

You will also need to consider the style of your home when choosing furniture for your bedroom.

If you have a modern home, you will probably want to choose contemporary furniture.

If you have a more traditional home, plain or antique styles may be more to your taste.

And don’t forget to rest! Be sure to try any furniture you’re considering before buying to make sure it’s comfortable for you.

To choose the latest modern bedroom with the Elmalek , it is a famous furniture company specialized in modern bedroom furniture.

Below we will talk about 7 tips from Elmalek Furniture on how to choose the latest modern bedroom:

1- Determine your furniture needs in your room

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary, so it’s important to make sure it meets all your needs.

And make sure the dimensions of your room and that the size of the furniture is commensurate with the size of your room.

You should also make sure that there is space for freedom of movement inside the room and that it is not crowded with furniture so that you can enjoy comfort and relaxation.

2. Choose simplicity and keep your sleeping environment simple

Color is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing furniture, and it plays a big role in the simplicity of the latest bedroom available on the market.

It can set the tone for the whole room and make the space more attractive.

But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which colors will work best in your home?

Here are some tips for choosing comfortable and simple furniture in a colorful room:

Start by looking at the overall look you want to create in the room.

If you want a calm and relaxing atmosphere, stick to cool tones such as blue or green.

For a more energetic feel, choose brighter colors like yellow or red.

Once you have an idea of ​​the overall tone, you can start narrowing down your options by considering other factors like fabric, style, and comfort.

Remember, bedroom furniture is an investment, so take your time and choose pieces you’ll love for years to come.

This is what the Elmalek provides for you, as it gives you the opportunity to choose from a large variety of the latest bedroom furniture.

Where the Elmalek provides beds of different colors and modern ones, some of them are captonite, some of them are gentlemen, and some are accompanied by a desert to store things, some of which are very simple and you are free to choose and add your touches to the design and the Elmalek implements for you what you choose with precision and professionalism.

أوض نوم

sleep bedroom
3. Make sure your furniture is comfortable, choose stylish and modern furniture

Bedroom furniture should be comfortable and elegant, choose modern furniture that will make your home look its best.

You should also make sure to measure your rooms before purchasing any furniture, you don’t want to end up with furniture that is too big or too small for your rooms.

Your furniture is one of the most important aspects of your home, it should be comfortable, stylish and modern.

The Elmalek offers more than one advantage for your comfort in comfortable sleeping quarters, including the beds, which are characterized by high-quality upholstery and beech wood that withstands heat and is not subject to decay, which makes king beds give you real comfort and relaxation and last for a long time.

Also, the Elmalek bedrooms have more than one design according to what you want, there are two and three leafed wardrobes, and a dressing room is available for owners of large spaces and for lovers of elegance.

The Elmalek also uses imported Spanish marble in his models, which gives them solidity and an elegant aesthetic appearance.

4. Consider adding a unique piece of furniture in a bedroom

An accent piece of furniture is a great way to add a touch of style and personality to any room.

It can also be a great way to add more seating or storage.

Like the Elmalek punk pieces in all shapes and sizes, so be sure to find the pieces that fit your needs in complete modern bedrooms.

There are many ways to add a special piece of furniture to your home.

You can buy an antique, or a new, unfamiliar, modern-designed piece such as a stylish buff or faux pas.

As the banquette or futé is one of the favorite pieces of furniture that adds to your room a special part that is able to give you an elegant and comfortable touch inside the room.

You can add a TV unit or a reading nook if you like to read for fun and watch a movie to help create your own atmosphere in your room.

All these additions you can get with Al-Malik Furniture with the best designs, high-quality materials and solid colors that match your decor and increase the beauty of the home’s bedroom.

5. Think of lighting in a sleeping bedroom room

The lighting in your sleeping bedroom area can have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep bedroom.

Too much light can make it difficult to fall asleeping bedroom, and too little light can make it difficult to fall asleep.

The best lighting for sleep bedroom is dim, cool, and quiet lighting.

You may want to try using a night light, keep blinds or blinds open to let in some natural light, or use a lamp with a lower wattage bulb.

There are a few things you can do to adjust the lighting in a bedroom to suit your needs:

If you need more light, open the blinds or blinds during the day.
You can also use a lamp on a table or cabinet.
When you want less light, close the blinds.
You can also use lampshades or a dimmer to adjust the light level that is right for you and your comfort.

6. Don’t forget the details and colors and choose clean and simple silhouettes

The bedroom is a place to rest and relax, so the wall panels should be a reflection of that.

Choose muted colors and patterns that will create a calming vibe. If you want something more personal, consider using wallpaper or wall stickers.

The color you paint on your bedroom walls can have a profound effect on the room’s overall mood.

If you want to create a soothing oasis, stick to calm, neutral colors like light blue or green.

For a more active space, try painting the walls red or yellow.

And when you’re looking for something in between, think warm earthy tones like brown or orange.

No matter what color you choose, be sure to test it out first by painting a small section of the wall and seeing how it looks in different lighting conditions before committing to the entire room.

When choosing curtains, don’t forget the details and colors, choose clean, simple silhouettes and curtains that complement the style of your room.

For a more modern look, try black or white curtains.

If you want a more traditional look, try floral or patterned curtains.

Just make sure not to overdo it, you want your dormitory to be a sanctuary, not a circus!

7. Choose long-lasting furniture

This is provided by the Elmalek as it is a furniture company that provides long lasting furniture. The company operates and provides a variety of furniture including bridal bedroom sets, living room sets, dining room sets and more.

Elmalek bedroom furniture is made of high quality materials and built to last.

When it comes to choosing furniture for your bedroom, it is important to choose pieces that will last for many years.

Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it will also allow you to create a timeless look that can easily be updated with new accessories as trends come and go.

Here are some tips for choosing long-lasting furniture for your bedroom:

Look for high-quality materials: When it comes to furniture, quality should always be your top priority.

Find pieces made of solid wood or metal rather than particleboard or plastic, as these materials are more durable and less prone to wear and tear over time.

Avoid Trend-Based Designs: While it can be tempting to opt for the latest trendy style, remember that trends come and go quickly, so you’ll likely end up getting tired of your furniture long before you need to replace it.
Elmalek bedroom models

Therefore, the Elmalek provides many models of bedroom 2022, to choose between them and one of these suitable models, which include all the basic and additional bedroom components.

This model is Elmalek bedroom with a bed, 2 nightstands, a TV unit, and a sofa.

Where the wide bed in off-white color provides a spacious and comfortable space,

And next to it are 2 poufs with beautiful designs of different sizes, in a dark beige color that blends nicely with the color of the bed, with an attractive upscale sofa in the same color as the bed.

The TV unit is one of the most important components of the latest sleeping bedroom quarters, so you can create a comfortable sleeping position.

The sofa provides a comfortable and spacious space for relaxation. It also comes with a distinctive, elegant, streamlined design with its calm beige color.

This full room features the following:

Durable countertop wood with HPl veneer.

And in addition to the use of imported high quality processed fabrics and high-end colors.

Bedrooms are characterized by high-quality paints that do not fade with water and do not peel off.

أوض نوم

sleep bedroom

So when you choose your furniture from the Elmalek bedroom with the availability of many different types and styles of furniture.

You should follow the following tips:
Considering your needs, what kind of furniture do you need? For example, if you are looking for a new bed, you will need to select the size, shape, and material that best suits your needs.
Think about your budget, how much can you spend on new furniture? Set a budget and stick to it.
Choose quality over quantity, it’s better to have fewer high-quality pieces of furniture than a bunch of cheap, poorly made pieces.
Consider your space, measure your bedrooms and make sure that the furniture you choose matches the space you have.
Think about the style, what kind of style you want in your room.

All this can be achieved with Elmalek Furniture, as it provides a unique opportunity for customers to choose the design they want from among the models displayed on the company’s website.

The customer also provides the sizes he needs when contracting and determining the date of receipt, in addition to choosing the color of the fabrics.

Thus, the customer gets the design and shape he wants with the color, shape and size that he has selected himself.

You can find out more models of master bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, modern chairs, buffets with the Elmalek for furniture, and the latest international designs through the following links:

You can follow Modern Bedrooms 2022, Romantic bridal bedroom colors curtains and Elmalek furniture models

Also, all our products are available to know their details through the website dining chair upholstered seats and many designs are dining chair modern, chair modern furniture, Buffet Large Brown, modern buffet design by following

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Furniture fairs in Heliopolis and what are its most important products?

Best Furniture Stores showrooms in Heliopolis is what you find that has everything you want to establish your home from the finest materials and the latest international designs, as the distinguished exhibition is the one who cares about the comfort of customers and offers them everything that is new and unique in the world of furniture, with attention to materials, colors and final finishing, With the provision of products with competitive prices and a wonderful shape for products designed with high accuracy from the factory directly to the customer who chooses the details of his room himself to be carried out by experts and get them on an agreed date.

Best Furniture Stores in Egypt

How do you choose the right furniture fair among the many fairs working in this field?

There are many criteria that govern the selection of furniture fairs, including the following:

Customer care: The distinguished exhibition is the one who welcomes you and constantly seeks to achieve your desires.
Various exhibits: Choose the showroom that offers a wide variety of rooms and furniture pieces to get the best solutions.
Distinguished Factory: It is preferable to buy from a showroom that displays the products of its factory, because this guarantees the quality.
Execution on demand: Distinguished exhibitions are the ones that give you the opportunity to choose the design and implement it according to your data, and of course they have their factories to do that.
Distinctive materials: Choose the place that takes care of selecting the best types of wood and fabrics, and make sure of that for yourself before buying.
Fast communication: The distinguished furniture exhibition is the one that provides quick communication service, and has a cooperative work team to meet the needs of customers.
Punctuality: Make sure that the exhibition you have chosen is presented to you as you want it at the agreed time, and it is better to see the opinions of previous clients.
World class designs: Ensure that the factory applies standard standards in the execution of furniture pieces according to the latest catalogs.
Finishing: Make sure the final look of the products, that it is suitable for you and that there are no errors or defects.
Financial possibilities: room rates, cost, and suitability with your budget are among the most important selection criteria.
Elmalek of furniture

Furniture experts classify Al-Malik factories and showrooms as one of the best furniture fairs in Heliopolis, because it has many advantages, as follows:

Elmalek factories include a group of the most skilled workers, technicians and experts, whose mission is to provide the finest rooms to customers.
The finest red beech wood is used with counter wood and HPL veneer.
The Elmalek uses imported Spanish marble.
Stainless 304 is used with a thickness of 1.5 ml.
Elmalek provides strong and durable products that are not subject to decay and damage, as they are anti-bacterial.
All products offered are modern, upscale and modern.
Its products are of high-end colors and international designs.
Provides excellent customer service and after-sales service.
Its prices are competitive compared to the quality, accuracy and durability.
It offers special offers and discounts.
Products are made to order according to the desire of the customer and according to his taste.
Finishing is excellent and appointments are accurate.
Best Furniture Stores in Heliopolis

Best Furniture Stores in Cairo and Heliopolis without a competitor or dispute, and with the assurance of customers and experts, Elmalek Furniture.

Just select the exact size of your room, check out our site that offers the latest and most beautiful models.

Follow us on various social networking sites “Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok.

Choose the models that suit you, select the colors and shapes, and choose the color of the fabric you want.

You are now an architect to decorate your room, head to our showroom in Heliopolis, you will find the experts waiting for you.

Show them your request, set the date of receipt, and at the specified time, your dream will come true and you will get the room you want with the specifications you specified and with the highest accuracy.

By doing so, you will guarantee several things, including accuracy in execution, quality, durability, and excellent materials.

Best Furniture Stores in Heliopolis and its best products

Best Furniture Stores

When searching for the Best Furniture Stores in Heliopolis, Elmalek Furniture comes on top of these names.

This is because it meets all the specifications of an ideal factory and a high-end showroom that offers customers high-quality products.

So head to the Elmalek Gallery without thinking, and make it your first priority, with some things that you must be clear to in order to facilitate the purchase process.

Among the most important of these considerations are the following:

Measure your space well, and try to imagine the location of each furniture piece in the rooms of your house.
Do not over-choose large pieces of furniture, so as not to overcrowd your home.
If you have other rooms in the house, be sure to choose a design that matches it, if it is modern, the new furniture must also be modern.
The colors of the walls and floors, you must take into account when buying new furniture, so that harmony and harmony are achieved in your home.
Choose wood colors consistent with the colors of the rest of the rooms in the house.
If you are buying a living room, specify whether it is intended for the family or for guests.
Choose additional pieces if you have the space to do so.
Select the model, colors and design and have it made for you.
Modern furniture showrooms in Cairo

El-Malek is Best Furniture Stores in Heliopolis, and this is not for nothing, as it is one of the most important factories that offer modern models.

These designs are distinctive and keep up with the modern era and differ from the classic shapes that were popular before.

As the classic furniture is characterized by luxury, it was a prevalent feature in large houses, palaces and villas.

It is characterized by its large and huge size, with a large number of pieces in the rooms of the house.

In addition, his designs are characterized by their many details of carved decorations and drawings.

The designer is also interested in adding the golden color to it to increase the feeling of luxury, of course suitable for spacious homes characterized by high ceilings.

As for the modern furniture, which is popular now, it is characterized by great simplicity in its designs.

You find pieces of furniture smaller, and their number is less, as it is possible to dispense with some pieces according to the available space.

The designs are free of protrusions and bows, and they are of modern, elegant and bright colors, and they are of one solid color with other colors with it.

If the designer uses any inscriptions in the modern designs, they are large and do not repeat them.

Several colors can be mixed in these new designs, provided there is harmony between them.

Modern furniture is suitable for modern homes that are characterized by small spaces, and there are many modern designs that suit the requirements of new homes.

Where, for example, there are circular sofas that can accommodate four people, and others that are foldable.

There are also bunk beds for children’s rooms, and rooms that include desk, bed and dresser in one design.

Therefore, modern designs are the best now, because they offer practical solutions for narrow spaces.

It also makes impressive use of the spaces, as is the case when buying a corner, for example, to fit the place and maintain its elegance.

Best Furniture Stores

Best Furniture Stores

There are many places in Egypt to buy modern furniture, but Elmalek Furniture is considered one of the best furniture showrooms in Heliopolis in particular.

This is because it is not an ordinary fair that provides furniture marketing service to other factories, but it is a large company with its name and a long history of manufacturing and selling furniture.

The Elmalek displays his products that are manufactured in his factories in Obour City, and they are displayed in the main exhibition on Nozha Street in Heliopolis.

The product display is easily accessible and includes high-end products to suit all tastes.

And through the official Elmalek Furniture website, you can learn about many of the products it offers, among which you will find what suits every room in the house.

Where you will find the following:

The best furniture exhibitions in Egypt and the modern bedroom

The main room in the house, the place that everyone cares about because it is the place to rest and relax.

The Elmalek offers it in a variety of designs so that everyone can find something that suits his taste.

The bedrooms include the bed, and it has a suitable width ranging from 180 cm to 200 cm.

The komudas are very beautiful to serve as the distinctive side tables, with elegant designs.

In addition to the Elmalek wheels, which are available in the most beautiful practical shapes, with dressing rooms.

And it can be carried out in special sizes as desired and the size of the room, with delicate and beautiful colors.

There is no doubt that the materials used are of high quality, and the internal division of the wardrobes, the dresser and the rest of the room is distinguished.

Modern children’s bedrooms

The second most important place after the master bedroom is the children’s room.

Elmalek offers them with the latest designs that are not only beautiful and attractive to children.

However, it is characterized by the availability of the highest levels of safety, both in terms of the materials that are used from the finest natural woods.

Or in terms of the streamlined design of all children’s rooms, in which there are no protrusions that cause them any injuries.

With a lot of safety considerations that make the wood used against decay, moisture and harmful bacteria, while being easy to clean.

All this in addition to the availability of designs to suit your children, whether one child to be the room with a single bed, or a bunk bed if the room is small and you have more than one child.

With many additions to the rooms to suit the needs of the little ones, such as the office, library, dresser, desks and wardrobe in sizes to fit toys and clothes.

Best Furniture Stores in Heliopolis and its best products

The best furniture exhibitions in Heliopolis for the living room

The best furniture showrooms in Heliopolis are the ones that take care of every place in your home, and provide him with what he needs.

Especially the living room, which contains family sessions on a daily basis, and receives your guests and relatives.

So it is important and it must be elegant and attractive, and at the same time durable and withstand this hard use.

Indeed, Al-Malik Furniture experts realized all these considerations, and presented the most beautiful forms of modern sofas.

Where high-end colors, durable fabrics come in and out that have been treated against shrinkage and fading.

Therefore, the fabrics can be cleaned and handled, and natural wood of high quality and durability has been used.

In addition, there are sofas, corners of all shapes, with elegant and bright colors, to use all the spaces of the house professionally.

Modern dining rooms

Best Furniture Stores in Heliopolis offers modern dining rooms in a variety of sizes and designs.

Whatever the size of your dining room, you will find what you are looking for with us.

This starts with small dining tables that fit narrow spaces or kitchens, summer apartments and chalets, which consist of only four seats.

There are also dining rooms consisting of six seats in a rectangular or oval shape, and there are larger rooms, whether eight or ten seats.

With some additions such as the buffet with its many sizes and designs, or the buffet that is used as an extra seat.

Featured Accessories

A modern home needs some additions that increase its beauty and luxury, such as small sofas and chairs that are used at the entrance to the house.

Elmalek Furniture also provides the console, which is characterized by elegance and luxury, and will be in the honor of receiving your guests.

It also provides tables with distinctive designs, including the main ones for the living room, and some are side or nesting tables of various sizes.

From the above, we can say that Elmalek Furniture is one of the Best Furniture Stores in Heliopolis, because its many advantages qualified it, as it uses the best, most durable and quality wood, and manufactures the finest and latest designs, with attention to implementing the customer’s wishes and providing all services that make him feel comfortable in all transactions.

Best Furniture Stores in Heliopolis and its best products

You can find out more models of master bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, modern chairs, buffets with the Elmalek for furniture, and the latest international designs through the following links:

You can follow Modern Bedrooms 2022, Romantic bridal bedroom colors curtains and Elmalek furniture models

Also, all our products are available to know their details through the website dining chair upholstered seats and many designs are dining chair modern, chair modern furniture, Buffet Large Brown, modern buffet design by following

Elmalek Furniture is on Facebook.

Elmalek furniture on youtube

Elmalek Furniture on Instagram.

You can follow Elmalek Furniture on Tik Tok here.



Best furniture store in cairo

Best Furniture Stores in Cairo and how to choose the right place?

Best furniture store Cairo are many and varied, each of them does everything in its effort to provide products that suit the local furniture market, but few of them are interested in searching for the latest designs to implement them with the highest quality materials, so when you establish your home, do not just look for the right price, but make sure that the exhibition It offers you excellent materials, high-quality finishing and an attractive exterior with international models that are professionally executed. Learn now how to choose the furniture showroom from which you buy all the necessary equipment for your home.

Best furniture store in Cairo

Buying furniture requires a great deal of research, because furnishing the house needs strong rooms that can withstand use for many years.

But what is the best do you buy a ready room? Or do you ask to do it for you?

The matter here is subject to several considerations, including the budget that you allocate to purchase the room.

The decision is also affected by the size of the pieces of furniture, the type of materials they are made of, and the degree of their quality.

The purchase decision also controls the time you have to implement and acquire the room.

If you have time, it is possible to order the room to be made according to your own specifications.

This unique opportunity is offered by Elmalek Furniture to you, where you choose the design you want and provide the sizes you want.

You also choose the colors of wood and fabrics and design all the pieces, to become with our factory a distinguished decorator for your home furniture.

It is important that you accurately determine the dimensions of your home room before heading to the furniture exhibition, with a plan for the locations of each piece of furniture and where it will be.

How to choose the right Best furniture store?

Lots of furniture showrooms in Cairo offer furniture designs in a wide variety, but any one of them suits your needs.

Here are some considerations you should take into account when choosing:

Diversity of exhibits

Go to a place that offers you a variety of room types, so that you can find many tastes under one roof.

Where Elmalek Furniture provides many ideas in its exhibitions and through its official website and all its pages on social media.

You will find a very wide variety, there is no similarity between the exhibits, because the experts of our factories know very well that opinions differ and modern designs are very flexible.

You will get several ideas that will help you in furnishing the house in a modern and elegant way.

And be sure that the design you choose will be designed to your liking, not like other fairs that impose on the customer a specific design without any changes.

good materials

The shape of a room may fascinate you, and you decide to buy it, but have you thought a little about the type of materials it is made of?

Are you willing to sacrifice quality for attractive looks? Or are you looking for a place that provides you with all the features in one design?

Of course, it became possible, and the difficult equation is achieved with Al-Malik Furniture Factories.

The factory provides great designs from the most famous international catalogs, with the highest quality materials.

That’s because it uses red beech wood with the counter wood, which is known for its high quality, strength and durability.

It also adds HPL veneer, which increases the design’s strength, stiffness and durability, and makes the parts easy to clean.

Moreover, the wood is completely safe because it is natural and does not break or warp. It does not have decay or mold.

The finest imported Spanish marble is used, with glass for some rooms.

In addition to the accessories, it is made of strong stainless steel, because it is 304 and has a thickness of 1.5 mm.

As for the fabrics used, they are not only imported and have modern, delicate colors.

But it is also anti-shrink treated, and does not fade with use or washing and cleaning.

All this means that you will get excellent rooms inside and out, strong materials and guaranteed quality, with attractive designs and special prices in one place “Elmalek Furniture”.

Best Furniture Stores elmalek furniture

Best furniture store in Cairo and the best finishes

The final look of the room is very important, and this is governed by the finishing of each piece of furniture.

Which must be done through workshops that include experts, technicians and workers of the highest degree of experience, skill and training.

Bearing in mind that experiences indicate that ready-made furniture is sometimes attractively finished to cover up the poor quality of the wood.

Where good finishing is taken as a means of cheating in many cases, so the Elmalek offers you the finest types of wood, with custom-made rooms with an excellent final finish.

Customer desire and capabilities

When choosing from among the Best furniture store in Cairo, the matter is also subject to your desire.

There are some questions that you must answer yourself, as follows:

Do you want ready-made furniture, or do you want to choose models according to your desire?
Room colors Do you want to choose and change them, or do you want to buy the look you have available as it is?
Sizing for your home, do they fit off-the-shelf models or do you have your own measurements and want to implement them?
Your budget is limited and you want to buy certain pieces of furniture and not entire rooms?
Do you want to buy only specific parts of the room? Looking for a place that gives you this opportunity?

All these questions are answered by Al-Malik Furniture Factories, which provides the possibility of choosing and purchasing certain pieces.

You are not obligated to buy a specific ready-made design presented in front of you, because it allows all options to become possible.

Select budget, sizes, colors, designs, models, cuts required, type of wood and fabric.

Then head to our showroom and you will find the experts waiting for you, and they have one goal to implement your dreams as you see and wish them.

With the use of the finest materials, the highest quality, and an unparalleled high-end finish.

Best furniture store in Cairo

Before you go to buy, what ideas should you have?

The following things do not forget to focus on:

The size of the rooms of the house, and the dimensions of each room, in order to choose the appropriate pieces for the place without causing crowding or clutter.
Other pieces of furniture: When buying a particular room, it must be chosen in harmony with the rest of the other rooms, whether modern or classic.
Floor colors: important to consider when purchasing, to get a comfortable finish.
Wall colors: They must be in harmony with the furniture, so that the house is harmonious in all its details.
The purpose of the room: Determine the goal, if it is a room for guests, children, living, and so on, so that the choice is commensurate with the goal.

Best Furniture Stores in cairo

Best furniture store

Best furniture store in Cairo provide exhibits that fit every part of the house, so what does Elmalek Furniture offer for your home?

Home entrance

It needs a simple and elegant console, elegantly designed with attractive mirrors, and of course you can find it in our showrooms with the latest designs.

This is because the entrance is one of the most attractive parts of the house, and it is the place that talks about the order, cleanliness and arrangement of the rest of the house.

The first impression of visitors to your house will be wonderful, because the Elmalek offers you many ideas for exploiting the entrance.

Where there are many options with elegant designs of seats, sofas and console, as well as shelves or natural flowers and plants, with a small rug.

Many designs make a home more beautiful and inviting from your door to the apartment and to every corner of it.

Living room

What does the Elmalek offer for this special place that includes all family members, a place to sit and watch TV and family evenings.

It is also the place that receives relatives and guests, so it must have some advantages.

The most important of them is that it contains comfortable pieces of furniture, the colors of the furniture are attractive and elegant.

With the selection of the sizes of seats and sofas suitable for the space and not huge, so as not to overcrowd the place.

Elmalek Furniture provides distinctive ideas for this room, including the corners with the letter U or L.

Modern upscale sofas are also available, with distinctive tables, whether main, side or overlapping.

With a choice of modern, upscale colors that suit all homes, you can choose from.

Especially that the Elmalek uses the finest imported fabrics, and strong beech wood.


Furniture showrooms in Cairo include a great selection of the finest modern bedrooms.

Where the Elmalek offers for furniture the wide bed, which in some models reaches 2 meters.

With beautifully designed hairstyles, combining drapery and drawers with the finest and purest mirrors.

In addition to the codes that are distinguished by their new designs, which you can only find in our factories.

As for the wheels, the Elmalek has excelled in presenting them, whether with rollers or sliding doors.

The wardrobe divisions on the inside are distinctive, with many shelves with deep drawers and hangers.

This is in addition to offering the latest shapes and designs of the dressing room, which are designed in specific sizes according to the bedroom’s measurements.

It includes many very practical shelves that collect all the clothes, shoes and accessories.

All these details are presented in modern neutral colors that provide a sense of peace and relaxation.

dining rooms

Elmalek Furniture offers the most beautiful dining rooms, which include tables of various sizes.

And many designs between circular, square, rectangular and oval.

It also varies in the number of chairs, as seats are available in numbers suitable for small, medium and large families.

There is a room with four chairs, and another with six or eight seats, and the number can reach up to ten dining chairs to accommodate a larger number of people.

Best furniture store in Cairo and children’s bedrooms

Elmalek Furniture also offers rooms for children, which are considered one of the most important sections of the house.

There are distinctive designs suitable for one child, and others that accommodate more than one child.

Either a single bed or two beds, and there are rooms consisting of a bunk bed.

With all the other pieces that little ones need, such as a desk, dresser, pouf, sofa and a soft and comfortable seat.

With a wonderful wardrobe in its designs to suit the needs of the child and his toys, in addition to a library that collects books and toys.

Best Furniture Stores

Best furniture store in Egypt

Elmalek Furniture is one of the best furniture showrooms in Cairo, offering bedrooms for adults, children and youth.

It includes pillows, beds, dressers and cupboards with the most beautiful and latest designs, and also provides the latest corners, chairs and sofas for living rooms.

With exquisite dining rooms in its components, it also has an accessories section that includes modern consoles and tables.

All of these pieces are presented from the finest types of wood with high-end materials and modern designs. With a great finish.

The best furniture stores in Heliopolis

Best furniture store in Cairo are among the best of them, “The Elmalek of Furniture”, which competes with itself to offer high-end furniture to customers.

It is a large company specialized in the production and sale of the finest quality home furniture.

The company’s factory in Obour City and the headquarters of the sale exhibition in Nozha Street, Heliopolis.

The exhibition site is distinguished and easy to access, and it provides all its products through its official website.

It also offers its rich pages on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, through which you can follow all the latest in the world of furniture and choose what you like from the exhibits.

In conclusion, the Elmalek is the place that lovers of elegance and luxury go to in search of the finest pieces of furniture and furniture, because he has experts specialized in implementing the latest international designs with the finest materials, to be one of the best and largest furniture exhibitions in Cairo.

You can find out more models of master bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, modern chairs, buffets with the Elmalek for furniture, and the latest international designs through the following links:

You can follow Modern Bedrooms 2022, Romantic bridal bedroom colors curtains and Elmalek furniture models

Also, all our products are available to know their details through the website dining chair upholstered seats and many designs are dining chair modern, chair modern furniture, Buffet Large Brown, modern buffet design by following

Elmalek Furniture is on Facebook.

Elmalek furniture on youtube

Elmalek Furniture on Instagram.

You can follow Elmalek Furniture on Tik Tok here.


الوان غرف نوم للعرسان

Romantic bridal bedroom colors according to the latest fashion lines

Choosing the colors of bedrooms for the bridal is an important step in establishing the marital nest, as this room needs special care when designing its decorations because it is the place where a person spends hours of sleep and relaxation, so it is necessary to choose the favorite colors of the newlyweds so that they feel psychological comfort, especially with different tastes between them as well as There are differences in the nature of the personality, so the Elmalek basically offers customers designs in modern colors that suit all desires to be the elegant romantic meeting point between the newlyweds.

Romantic bedroom paint colors 2022

Of course, there is no dispute over the importance of colors in the bedroom and their great role in influencing the psychological state and its direct impact on the desire to sleep.

Therefore, decoration experts pay close attention to its design and choice of colors, as follows:

It is preferable to use calm colors such as beige, white, green and light brown, and to stay away from brown, black and other dark colors that give a feeling of melancholy and sadness.
The colors of the bridal bedroom should be more calm than the colors of the rest of the other rooms of the house.
The colors of the walls must match the colors of the furniture, so that harmony and harmony occur, with the selection of curtains, rugs and floor colors in a harmonious and harmonious manner.
The colors of the walls must match the space of the room, as calm and light colors give a double sense of spaciousness, especially in the case of a small room.
The color of the bed, the dresser and the rest of the foundation pieces are chosen in shades darker than the colors of the walls and floors.
It is preferable that the colors of the walls and furniture be of the same shades, in a gradient shape that is comfortable for the eyes.
If the choice fell on a certain color for the walls, it should be tested initially on a small part and make sure that it is suitable, before applying it to all walls.
The high-end colors that the newlyweds feel are appropriate for them must be chosen, regardless of the colors offered at this period that may not suit them.
Before buying a room, you should measure the space and choose the pieces that fit in that space.

Bridal bedroom colors 2022

How can the newlyweds choose the right bedroom for them? What are the tips that help them coordinate attractively?

This can be done when you follow the following decorating tips:

Choosing the appropriate room for the space and taste of the newlyweds.
Choosing a full room with all the pieces, including a bed, a dresser, 2 nightstands, and a wardrobe, so that the bride feels happy with the completion of her room, taking into account the spaces.
Additional pieces of furniture are chosen if there is space for it, such as a sofa to sit or an extra seat,

Or a wardrobe, the important thing is that the space is enough so that there is no feeling of crowding.

Room colors are modern and calm away from hot colors.
Landscape paintings or pictures of the couple can be used on the walls, for a special emotional touch.
Accessories can be added to decorate the room, and placed on the dresser or the nightstand.
It is possible to add a vertical mirror in the room to facilitate the dressing process, and add an aesthetic touch to the bridal bedroom.
The rugs are of the same color as the curtains, with bedspreads in the same color palette as well.
Do not forget to decorate the room with natural flowers and plants, because they give a cheerful romantic touch with some colorful candles.

From here it can be said that the colors of the bedrooms for the newlyweds are chosen according to their desire,

Emphasizing that it is calm, neutral, romantic and dreamy, away from fiery colors such as orange, red and wine,

The best colors are white, gray, beige and other light colors that give a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.

This is meticulously achieved with Modern Bedrooms from Al Malak Furniture that offers the latest fashions of colors and designs.

All our products are available to know their details through the website dining chair upholstered seats and many designs are dining chair modern, chair modern furniture, Buffet Large Brown, modern buffet design by following

El Malek Furniture on Facebook

El Malek furniture on instagram

Elmalek furniture on youtube

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