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Elmalek Furniture provides many different shapes of Wardrobe for rooms, and each has its own unique design. The most famous shapes of Wardrobes are square, rectangular and oval. Each of these shapes has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Types of Wardrobe with the Elmalek

Horizontal wardrobes: A horizontal is also known as a standard wardrobe, and it usually consists of two to three rows of long and wide drawers and sometimes a top row of several smaller drawers.

Double wardrobe: A double is a particularly spacious wardrobe consisting of double columns with spacious drawers. This is perfect for couples sharing a large room and looks great.

Make sure to consider the size of your space before trying a double, as these can be overwhelming in small spaces.

You can find out more models of master bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, modern chairs, buffets with the Elmalek for furniture, and the latest international designs through the following links:

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Combo wardrobe:  usually looks like a standard with one or two closets attached to the side or in the middle, it’s easy to organize clothes into different sized drawers and shelves in a combo wardrobe, have drawers and doors that open to reveal shelves or A space to hang clothes.

If you’re storing more than just clothes in a closet, this closet is perfect, for keeping bulky items like scarves, bags, hats, belts and shoes fits in tall closet doors with ease.

Wardrobes Features

The materials for the room are excellent, as it is made of counter wood with Hpl veneer, with the bed upholstered in high-density foam and topped with imported and treated fabrics.
The most important characteristic of the cabinets is that when contracting with Al Malak Furniture, the customer can choose the color of the fabric or wood he wants, and also specify the sizes he wants.

Therefore, the model is chosen in all its details with great freedom, and it is executed with precision, discretion and high skill.

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