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A console table is a flat-topped piece of furniture supported by one or more legs. Console tables are located at the front of the house. You can incorporate them into any underutilized area, against a wall, between doorways, or even at the end of a hallway and you can also put it in the bathroom or bedroom. Features shelves and drawers for extra easy-to-access storage.

Types of console tables

Wood: Wood tables are durable and feature a unique natural grain, the wood comes to suit all types of decor.

Metal console: The metallic material is a versatile alternative to the console table as it comes in different finishes such as steel or iron to match the pre-existing touches already used in appliances or lighting, the metal is also very durable and long lasting.

Glass: A mirrored surface on a table top or even drawers helps make spaces appear larger.

Marble: Marble countertops are a great choice for high-traffic areas of the home, as these heavy-duty materials are impact-resistant to help keep breakable items from falling out.

Acrylic Console: Plastic and acrylic tables are light because they weigh less than glass and stone, but are still durable, contemporary and easy to clean, the clear material helps make the space appear larger.

These tables are taller and higher, and are usually used against the wall or behind the sofa. It is characterized by a longer flat surface and narrower legs. As its name suggests, it has many colors and shapes, it can be added one or more drawers, and a wide or thin mirror can be added.

EL Malek Furniture Tables

Tables suitable for all rooms inside the house and the entrances are characterized by:

Egyptian-made console with European materials.
Made of red beech wood.
Easy to use.
Multiple shapes and sizes.
Withstands high temperatures.
Console with premium quality accessories.
Made of sturdy wood and metal that resists breakage and damage.
Paints have a glossy, modern look and do not peel off easily.
Made of decay-resistant wood.

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