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Adeson Dining table and 6 chairs

62,000 EGP

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غرفة طعام مودرن ,, بقرصة من الرخام الاسباني المستورد علي شاسيه خشبي ,, و الكرسي منجد باسفنج عالي الكثافة و بقماش مستورد معالج

غرفة طعام بتصميم معاصر ,, بقرصة من الرخام الاسباني المستورد علي شاسيه معدني ,, و الكرسي منجد باسفنج عالي الكثافة و بقماش مستورد معالج
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الخاصية القيمة
عرض 90 cm
طول 180 cm
ارتفاع  77 cm
نوع الحامل قاعدة استانلس


الخاصية القيمة
عرض 52 cm
عمق 42 cm
ارتفاع الظهر 98 cm
نوع الحامل ارجل معدنية
نوع القماش قماش مستورد معالج

* خشب زان أحمر طبيعي يجعله أمتن , معالج ضد الحشرات و التسوس .
* قماش معالج عالج الجودة و مطابق للمواصفات العالمية .
* إسفنج عالي الكثافة , ليعطي راحة أكثر ( مستورد ) .
* فايبر عالي الكثافة .
* استانلس 304 تخانة 1.5 .

Contemporary designs presented by the El Malek for furniture through his Dining table and 6 chairs.

which include a rectangular table with six chairs, carefully selected materials, designs suitable for modern homes, calm colors that achieve a feeling of psychological comfort .

so that the room appears as an appetite for everyone who is lucky to eat on it.

which confirms the company’s interest in fulfilling the wishes of clients perfectly.

Dining table and 6 chairs

Refer to the pictures of the room to conclude that it is designed with modern and attractive considerations within the modern dining rooms.

The room includes a rectangular dining table topped with a pinch of imported marble, with 6 comfortable design chairs.

What about the materials used in the manufacture of the product? It has been relied on imported Spanish marble.

A dining table and 6 chairs made of counter wood, red beech, and the addition of HPL veneer.

where the designer combined them to obtain a strong product capable of endurance for many years.

The designer also used imported fabric treated with high-density sponge in the upholstery of the chairs.

The table is equipped with sturdy wooden legs, and the chairs have metal legs to make the chairs more durable.

Modern dining rooms

Dining table and 6 chairs with the specifications of the customer himself,

he determines everything to get the dining room he desires and that matches the decor of his home and the sizes of the place.

This is because El Malek Furniture gives the customer the opportunity to choose the colors of the fabrics, as well as the colors of the wood.

It also determines the required sizes, while choosing the model that suits it from among the models available on the site, for chairs, tables and buffets, or for the table and marble base.

Thus, in the end, the desired design is achieved with the specifications of each family, whether in terms of sizes, designs, models or colors.

dining room 2022

A perfectly designed dining table, where the table includes a wooden chassis of the finest quality with the use of excellent Spanish marble, with a choice of calm colors for the entire room.

The dimensions of the table and chairs in his modern dining rooms are as follows:

Table size: width 90 cm, length 180 cm, height 77 cm.
Chair sizes: width 52 cm, depth 42 cm, and chair height 98 cm.

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