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Ara luxury design table circular 2 pieces

18,000 EGP

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Elmalek Furniture Company, with its latest designs of luxury design table and the most valuable products, helps you to coordinate your home to the fullest with distinctive decorative pieces.

 Here, Elmalek Company offers you a variety of elegant pieces of furniture, and experience is the best judge.

 Adding Elmalek Furniture pieces to your home decor is an amazing addition to your living room, salon room or even bedroom.

 Distinctive luxury design table for a luxurious home

 If you are looking for a luxurious elegant table to add to your home.

That combines modern attractive design and comfortable practical performance, then you are in the right place.

This table offered by Elmalek Furniture is distinguished by its elegant design,.

Free from defects, as it consists of two connected pieces, the largest of which is higher than the smaller.

The two pieces also feature a very elegant and chic circular form with different surfaces in shape.

 Upscale modern tables

 In addition to the charming design of the luxury design table, its multi-use performance and its attractive colors.

It has many other features, including excellent materials.

 As a leading company in the world of home decoration and furniture.

Elmalek is keen to manufacture distinctive pieces of furniture with the finest and best materials:

Strong, durable, hard, easy-to-use red beech wood, known for its smooth texture and glossy colour.

 Premium quality paints that do not wash off with water and do not peel off with eroding agents.

 Imported fabric treated against shrinkage and discoloration.

 High-density foam padding to prevent sagging and provide you with a soft, luxury design table.

 This is in addition to the excellent purchasing experience that you will get by dealing with Elmalek Furniture Company.

 These models are not available in the gallery and therefore it is easy to implement according to taste and upon request.

 There are also many features of this luxury design table, including:

  • This table is the most suitable and the best choice for modern and luxurious homes.
  • This table stands out with a design that makes it a wonderful piece of art.
  • As the two pieces of luxury design table are intertwined in an attractive way.
  • Tops of the two double tables have a striking integration.
  • The surface of the small table is covered with a shiny mirror.
  • The top of the large table is made of light colored marble, making it an excellent luxury design table.
  • In addition to the golden details of lines surrounding the surfaces of the two pieces in an attractive shape.
  • The table rests on a large, sturdy copper base, adding beauty and value to it.

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