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Astorez smart table 5 pieces glass

19,200 EGP

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piece table set 5

* Natural red beech wood makes it stronger and treated against insects and rot.
* Processed with quality and conforms to international specifications.
* Natural contour and crust.
* Stainless 304, thickness 1.5.

This modern smart table is an elegant and distinctive addition to your home that transforms it into an upscale living space and fills the corners of the room with warm and comfortable details.

 This table, offered by Elmalek Furniture Company, is characterized by a simple modern design.

That attracts you with its details and fits small spaces and saves you the trouble of searching for additional spaces.

 Luxurious modern smart table

 Due to the importance of tables as basics in the living room and complementary to other pieces of furniture.

It is important that they are chosen carefully and meticulously.

It is important to look for a modern table that combines practical functionality with a distinctive aesthetic appearance.

This is what Elmalek Furniture Company provides to you, as the company manufactures practical.

High-value and high-quality products with the latest technologies and the finest materials.

This is in addition to the modern designs smart table that carry out different pieces of furniture accordingly.

 Elmalek Company, as a leading company in the world of home decoration and furniture, is keen to manufacture distinctive pieces of furniture with the finest and best materials.

 Elmalek guarantees its products for 25 years.

 Which expresses its confidence in the quality of the materials it uses to make the smart table.

 All our products, including this distinguished modern smart table, are of Egyptian manufacture with European raw materials made of red beech wood.

The advantages of beech are varied as follows:

  • Easy to use due to its precise and homogeneous structure.
  • Withstands high temperatures.
  • Durable and does not bend or deteriorate quickly.
  • Solid smart table and strong wood, making it a staple in the furniture industry.
  • After being painted in colors, it has a wonderful look and luster.
  • Over time, it is easy to steam mold and feels soft.

 With high-efficiency paints that do not fade with water and do not peel off over time.

 This smart table will provide you with a comfortable, elegant piece of furniture that is easy to coordinate with different pieces of furniture, and does not require a large space to be placed.

 In addition, these models are not fully available in the gallery, but are made to order.

And therefore can be coordinated and implemented with their colors according to taste.

 There are many features, specifications and attractive details of this smart table, such as:

  • The table consists of five distinct pieces that can be placed separately, and it does not need additional spaces as it saves space and can be placed overlapping.
  • This multi-purpose table combines the luxury of the elegant golden color and the transparent glossy black surface.

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