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Beller Living room corner 7.5 meters with a side table

68,000 EGP

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Product Ingredients *
Modern corner of 7.5 meters with a side table
: product specification *
Modern corner.. Plain upholstery with imported linen fabric
Note: Not all products are available in showrooms, they are made to order based on the customer’s request *
Sizes, fabric color and delivery are determined upon contracting
You can change the sizes, color and type of fabric *
* You can change the color of its wood from the models available on the site.

* Natural red beech wood makes it stronger, treated against insects and decay.
* Fabric treated with quality and conforming to international specifications.
* High density sponge, to give more comfort (imported).
* High density fibre.

If you are looking for Living room corner a design that combines aesthetics and practicality to decorate with, then you have come to the right place. El Malek Furniture offers distinctive designs that are characterized by functionality and elegant modern shape.

Living room corner

This Living room corner provides you with its distinctive elegant appearance. Providing maximum comfort is one of the first functions of its modern design. The design is characterized by modern, modern details that make it not suitable for classic rooms.

A distinctive blend of the visual appeal of design in the delicate tailoring of its sizes, and the high-fashion approach represented by the precision and sophistication of design craftsmanship, this Living room corner is one of the creations that wonderfully express the elegance of modern contemporary designs.

All sled surfaces feature stitching and an evenly spaced stripe design on the base cover, pillows, armrests and backrest, creating a shape-defining stitching effect that instantly provides a sense of comfort.

Its elegant design is complemented by a series of cushions of different sizes and headrests, which can be placed freely to decorate the seats and provide maximum comfort.

Its separate seats and different sizes allow you to create different configurations and layouts, freely customizable thanks to the wide selection of elements.

This corner has many advantages, to suit them:

Comfortable modern Living room corner design that brings psychological comfort when you look at it with the colors of the living rooms 2022, invites you to relax and stretch to enjoy a quiet time and provides a vast space that accommodates a large number of individuals.
The Living room corner is made of very comfortable shells, lined with high-density, soft, flexible sponge that guarantees you comfort, and upholstered from the outside with the finest imported high-quality fabric in soft, eye-comfortable fabric colors that combine gray and light brown.
The simple and comfortable Living room corner design suits all tastes and offers you a high-quality product made with a durable red beech wood chassis that keeps it for a long time without damage or decay.
The Living room corner is also characterized by distinctive flexible dimensions that make it versatile, as it has a width of 7.5 meters with a depth of 105 cm, a back height of 90 cm, a height of 45 cm for the base of the sofa, and a depth of 65 cm for the base.

Believing in the El Malek Company in the importance of providing a distinctive purchase process and ensuring freedom of choice for its customers, you can choose what suits you from the pieces to be executed in the colors you prefer.


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