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Berther turkey luxury furniture chair with wood arm

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Product ingredients

modern chair

product specification

Materials used: red beech wood

Fabric used: imported processed fabric.

Note: Not all products are available in the exhibitions. They are made to order based on the customer’s request
Sizes, fabric color and delivery are determined upon contracting

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You can change the sizes, color and type of fabric *

* You can change the color of its wood from the models available on the site.

Feature the value
width 52 cm
Depth 42 cm
back height 98 cm
Stand type Golden stainless steel chassis
Fabric type Processed imported fabric

The materials used
Wood used: red beech and counter
Stainless steel: 304, thickness 1.5 mm

Chairs are one of the most important pieces of furniture that it is important to add to any room in the house, especially turkey luxury furniture chair.

Because it’s a room essential and an important tool to enjoy your meals.

That is why Elmalek Company offers you modern dining chairs that are very delicate and beautiful.

These chairs will add an amazing aesthetic touch to your dining room.

They will enable you to turn it into an upscale space that introduces psychological comfort to individuals.

Attracts the attention of guests, and helps you eat in peace and comfort.

turkey luxury furniture chair distinctive chairs from Elmalek

This chair comes with attractive details that are characterized by elegance and richness.

It also features a gorgeous extravagant, upscale detailing and understated formal simplicity for a functional chic chair design.

It also features a smooth outer frame with sturdy tall wooden legs.

The legs add to its elegance and sophistication, complement the design details, and add shine and radiance.

The back is also characterized by a modern design with an additional layer on the main chair in a dark color different from the light camel color.

Dark turkey luxury furniture chair wood legs add to the elegance and sophistication of the chair.

The design details stand out with the wood frame that wraps around the chair on the arms and back.

To provide comfortable arms to rest on while eating.

The colors of the modern dining room 2020 make it easy to coordinate with various other pieces of furniture of different designs, colors and shapes.

The additional layer of the back, which contributes to increasing the comfort.

That the chair provides you with, also increases the uniqueness and beauty of the chair.

This turkey luxury furniture chair is an invitation to relax, unwind and dine in a wonderful setting.

Chic dining chair

This is in addition to the advantages that Elmalek guarantees to you in the materials for the chairs that it provides to its customers.

Made of strong, hard, easy-to-use red beech wood, known for its smooth texture and glossy colour.

turkey luxury furniture chair with premium, high-quality paints that do not wash off with water and do not peel off.

In addition to the seats upholstered with imported fabric, treated against shrinkage and discoloration such as jacquard, linen and velvet.

The seats are also filled with high-density foam to prevent sagging and provide you with a comfortable, soft chair.

The chair features distinctive measurements with a width of 52 cm, a depth of 42 cm, and a back height of 98 cm.

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