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Biagan modern rustic table 3 pieces

18,000 EGP

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* Natural red beech wood makes it stronger and treated against insects and rot.
* Processed with quality and conforms to international specifications.
* Natural contour and crust.
* Stainless 304, thickness 1.5.

Conti wood table set and natural turkish walnut veneer
three pieces

The first is 90 cm in diameter

The second and third are 40 cm in diameter
* NB:
* Not all products are available in exhibitions, they are manufactured based on the customer’s request
And the sizes and color of the fabric are determined and re-delivery upon contracting.
* You can change the sizes, color and type of fabric.
* You can change the color of its wood from the models available on the site.

Make your home express yourself by adding a distinctive modern rustic table by choosing furniture that suits you and coordinating it the way you prefer!

 Tables are among the pieces of furniture that are important to choose carefully and accurately.

 Tables are an essential in any room in the house as they are essential for carrying things.

 Elmalek Furniture provides you with various pieces of furniture, including couches, chairs, sofas, salon, dining rooms, and last but not least, high-end tables.

 Elmalek Company enables you to coordinate the home of your dreams and create a home space that expresses you and your taste.

 Distinctive modern rustic table of three pieces

 This table offered by Elmalek Furniture is characterized by its flawless design with a distinctive round shape and great functionality.

 This simple table is the perfect choice for modern, large homes as its three pieces give you plenty of space to make use of.

 The three-piece table also features a very elegant and elegant design with an attractive wooden exterior.

 The three-piece table top consists of a round glass top with a distinctive durable silver base.

 This modern rustic table also provides ample space that can hold different weights, and creates a stunning and elegant look.

 It’s easy to coordinate the three tabletops separately or together.

As you can fit the two smaller pieces into tight, confusing spaces.

 While you can add the third large piece in the middle of the room to add a bold touch to your living space.

 Attractive and practical table

 In addition to the elegance of the table, its multi-use pieces and its attractive design.

It has many other features, including excellent materials.

The modern rustic table is made of Conti wood and natural Turk walnut veneer, and it has great dimensions.

 As the first table comes with a diameter of 90 cm, while the second and third have a diameter of 40 cm.

 As a leading company in the world of home decoration and furniture.

Elmalek is keen to manufacture distinctive pieces of furniture with the finest and best materials:

  • Strong, durable red beech wood, hard, soft to the touch.
  • Imported fabric treated against shrinkage and discoloration.
  • High-density foam fillings to prevent sagging.
  • Premium paints modern rustic table that are water-resistant and non-flaking.
  • This entry table is a stunning contemporary piece with refined details.

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