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Hadijan complete bedrooms Dressing room, bed, dresser, 2 nightstands and TV unit,

105,000 EGP

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مكونات المنتج

 غرفة نوم مودرن تتكون من سرير و تسريحة و 2 كومود و وحدة تلفزيون و دريسينج رووم عرض ٢٤٠ سم في ارتفاع ٢٥٠ سم

مواصفات المنتج

HPl الخامات المستخدمة: خشب كونترالقشرة
القماش المستخدم :قماش مستورد معالج

ملحوظة :ليست جميع المنتجات متوفرة بالمعارض تنفذ بالطلب بناء على طلب العميل

 ويتم تحديد المقاسات ولون القماش ومعاد التسليم عند التعاقد

  .يمكنك تغير المقاسات و لون و نوع القماش  *

  .يمكنك تغير لون الخشب الخاص به من الموديلات المتاحة بالموقع  *


الخاصية القيمة
عرض 180 cm
طول 200 cm
ارتفاع  35 cm
ارتفاع الظهر 200 cm
عرض الظهر 180 cm


الخاصية القيمة
عرض 120 cm
عمق 45 cm
ارتفاع  80 cm


الخاصية القيمة
عرض 45 cm
عمق 40 cm
ارتفاع  45 cm

دريسينج رووم

الخاصية القيمة
عرض 240 cm
عمق 60 cm
ارتفاع  250 cm

* hpl عالي الجودة علي تخانة 22 ملم من اعلي انواع الكونتر .
* تجميع الوحدات بمفاتيح زان , لسهولة الفك و التركيب أكثر من مرة .
* المفصلات بلوم , المجر استيراد ألماني .

Have you thought about the shape of complete bedrooms and how they became? Do traditional forms still dominate? Or are there new designs that have appeared on the horizon? Do you see designs in international catalogs and wish to apply them in your home? The dream has become a reality with Elmalek Furniture, which is interested in developing designs to provide its customers with all that is new in the world of furniture.

Bedrooms Catalog 2022

The new catalogs are also very different from what you saw in the past, and when you follow up on complete bedrooms, at Elmalek Furniture you will notice that the cupboard is gone.

Where did he go? And what is the alternative? It has been replaced in a modern way by a dressing room with a perfect design, with many shelves that suffice everything you want in an excellent manner,

With sparkling mirrors and premium materials, it’s a practical alternative to the traditional wardrobe.

This is in addition to the complete bedrooms with a wide bed and a dresser with a beautiful lighted circular mirror, with 2 nightstands.

All the pieces are designed in light, neutral colors, which is the hallmark of modern designs.

Where colors were chosen that combine white, gray and calm pastel colors.

Which makes the final design in elegant colors that are comfortable for the eyes, achieving psychological comfort and a sense of stability in the room where a person resorts to after a long tiring day,

Looking for hours of rest and eternity to sleep in peace.

complete bedrooms

The elegant look of the bedroom is not complete without the use of strong materials,

So that the design lasts for long periods without any change in its specifications.

So Elmalek experts have used the best counter materials with HPl Veneer,

The fabrics imported from abroad have also been used elegant and treated.

Modern room decorations

Before buying, complete bedrooms must be measured well, to choose the appropriate pieces for the space,

The Elmalek also offers standard sizes, with the possibility of adjusting them according to the customer’s desire.

And the sizes of the bedroom pieces that are compatible with the 2022 bedroom decorations are as follows:

Bed dimensions: Width 180cm, Length 200cm, Height 35cm, Back height 200cm, Back width 180cm.
Also, the sizes of the dressing room are complete bedrooms: width 120 cm, depth 45 cm, and height 80 cm.
Dimensions for the armoire: width 45 cm, depth 40 cm, height 45 cm.
Dressing room dimensions: Width 240 cm, Depth 60 cm, Height 250 cm.

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