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Hebe single sofa

Modern sofa

كنبة مودرن

30,000 EGP

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Product Ingredients *
modern sofa
: Product Description *
Modern sofa with movable base and.. with imported processed linen fabric
Note: Not all products are available in showrooms, they are made to order based on the customer’s request *
Sizes, fabric color and delivery are determined upon contracting
You can change the sizes, color and type of fabric *
* You can change the color of its wood from the models available on the site.

Sofa specifications

width250 cm
base height47 cm
base depth65 cm
back height85 cm

* Natural red beech wood makes it stronger, treated against insects and decay.
* Fabric treated with quality and conforming to international specifications.
* High density sponge, to give more comfort (Imported).
* High density fibre.

The Elmalek offers the latest distinctive pieces of furniture with elegant and unparalleled designs, including the designs of a single sofa, very delicate and high-quality beauty,

The sofa pieces offered by the Elmalek are distinguished by their different designs to give your home a distinctive and elegant look.

Classy single sofa

The design of the sofa is also characterized by luxury, as it is divided into three equal seats to provide the largest space for sitting and relaxing.

The simple design, free from unwanted details, gives dignity and grandeur, making the sofa a piece of art suitable for palaces and luxury homes.

As well as a distinctive addition to modern homes that are dominated by simplicity.

The wide arms of the sofa are also one of the most striking features because it will provide a comfortable cushion for people to rest on comfortably.

Seeing this sofa is an invitation to take a short break, stretch and enjoy the peace in complete comfort, guaranteed by the soft, comfortable sofa covers.

The sofa is also characterized by a rectangular shape and distinctive measurements that everyone is looking for in a single sofa as follows:

It has a wide comfortable width of 250 cm, while the depth reaches 80 cm,

The back height is 85 cm, in addition to a suitable base, 47 cm high and 65 cm deep.

The latest pieces of furniture from the Elmalek

The Elmalek various pieces of furniture are also characterized by high-quality materials,

The company aims to manufacture Egyptian products with international materials and specifications worthy of high-end homes

It also adds to the living room decorations elegant luxurious touches such as a single sofa.

The Elmalek products are made from highly efficient ingredients such as:

Red beech wood and countertops are famous for their high quality, ease of use,
Resistance to decay and wear, hard to break, smooth and shiny appearance.
High-quality paints that resist water and do not peel off easily, which ensures that they will last for long periods of time with the same appearance and beauty.
The fabrics are also imported from the most luxurious global fabric markets, such as jacquard and velor
And other high-end fabric distinguished by its soft texture and bright colors full of vitality and beauty.
High-density foam ensures that the furniture will last for long periods of time without sagging or sagging.

All this in addition to the advantages related to the excellent purchase offered by the Elmalek

Where customers can choose what suits them from the colors and types of fabric used

As well as the color of the wood and changing the measurements in a single sofa in order to offer them pieces of furniture that satisfy their taste and match the décor of their homes.

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