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Modern bedroom Commode

Other woods: red beech, counter and HPL veneer
Stainless: 304, 1.5 mm thick
Note: Not all products are available for occasions upon request based on customer request
The sizes and dimensions of the fabric and the delivery date are determined upon contracting

* You can change the sizes.

* You can change the color of its wood from the models available on the site.


Property Value
show 45 cm
Depth 40 cm
Height 45 cm

latest Komodino forms that was designed by Elmalek Furniture from the factory straight to you according to your own standards implemented for you to decorate your bedroom, a distinctive color that expresses luxury and modernity, with unparalleled durability and strength in materials, the easy and unobtrusive achieved by this design, you know it now through these lines

latest Komodino forms

Next to your bed, you will find him standing with a cup of coffee and with your favorite novel in silence and inviting you to rest after a long working day, patting you and calming your troubles, as if he feels everything you want.

Its spacious surface is used to put the lampshades that light up your nights, and it has a wide open area that holds medicines, books and reading glasses so you don’t need anything away from you latest Komodino forms.

latest Komodino forms that has a large drawer in a simple way and without any accessories that spoil the simplicity of the design.

It is light in weight and moves easily, whether it is moved around the room as a small table, or to be easily cleaned under it.

That is not all, because the advantages are endless, especially with its black color that expresses luxury and elegance in the bedroom.

Its modern black color goes with many colors easily,  use it with a black room to be a part of it.

It also harmonizes with the light and dark gray room, and if you want to go out for other colors, it is excellent with light colors such as pink and cashmere, and looks great with light milky and earthy green.

As for pastel colors, they all welcome it in the composition of her bedroom, and it is considered distinctive with orange as well as yellow.

black modern camouflage

As soon as you see this design, you will immediately realize that behind it is a skilled craftsman and distinguished designer, as it is made of high quality red beech wood, with stainless 304 with a thickness of 1.5 mm.

The wood of the counter has also been added with HPL veneer, and this is the secret to the wonderful exterior of the table.

It adds a great ability to withstand heat, water, and handprints, and also makes it anti-bacterial, so that the blanket is environmentally friendly and safe for health for all family members, especially young children.

modern comodino

As for the dimensions of latest Komodino forms, it is 45 cm wide, 40 cm deep, and 45 cm high.

Order it now according to your own specifications and sizes, with the ability to change the color if desired when contracting and agreeing on a delivery date.

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