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Jolios wood chair color golden white

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Dining Chair
*Materials used:
* Wood used: red beech and counter

* NB :
* Not all products are available in exhibitions, they are made to order at the request of the customer
Sizes, fabric color and delivery date are determined upon contracting.
* You can change the sizes.
* You can change the color of its wood from the models available on the site.


Feature Value
Width 52 cm
Depth 42 cm
Back Height 95 cm
Holder Type Wooden Base
Fabric type Processed imported fabric

* Natural red beech wood makes it stronger, treated against insects and decay.
* Fabric treated with quality and conforming to international specifications.
* High density sponge, to give more comfort (Imported).
* High density fibre.

Modern dining table colors with wood chair color, dining room decor are one of the most important home decorations due to the vitality of the room.

And its importance as a basic room in the house in which all family members gather.

And the family reunite in a warm, intimate atmosphere for meals, and guests gather around it in circles.

Therefore, it is important that the dining room or dining corner in the house contains distinctive pieces of furniture.

That have an attractive and elegant design and do not rely only on its comfort and practical and comfortable performance.

It is a high-quality family home design that meets the family’s ever-changing needs and lifestyle.

An art that requires careful thought and the selection of distinctive pieces of furniture.

That wood chair color combine practicality and aesthetic appearance.

This is what Elmalek Furniture seeks to serve its customers.

As wood chair color provides a variety of distinctive and attractive home furniture.

Furniture designed according to the latest versions and trends in form and theme.

But ultimately with functionality and ergonomic function.

The furniture provided by Elmalek Furniture Company is considered a reliable and long-term investment for the family.

Modern wood chair color

This chair provided by Elmalek Furniture Company is a practical and comfortable chair.

That ensures you a comfortable sitting while eating.

The chair also features a distinctive elegant design and calm colors.

That make it combine comfortable, practical performance and elegant, aesthetic appearance.

It is not only characterized by one of these aspects, but also combines them to create a piece of furniture.

That wood chair color satisfies your taste and needs at the same time.

It also features an elegant structure and a distinct backrest that stands out with an innovative design.

Which makes it the most suitable choice for the dining room.

The main attraction of the chair is the back design which consists of a white back that matches the color of the white seat.

It is wood chair color topped with an additional piece that ends after its middle.

And is not equal in length in an attractive and comfortable yellow color.

Modern dining chair from Elmalek Furniture

The luxury of the chair is also increased by modern dining table colors with the high-quality materials.

That make it up, such as solid, strong red beech wood and imported fabric treated with high-density foam.

Elmalek, as a leading company in the world of luxury and chic furniture.

Provides the possibility to choose the wood chair color and type of fabric.

As well as the availability of changing the type of wood in addition to the service of implementing any selected models with the required measurements as desired.

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