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Kailin wardrobe small white


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عمق60 cm
ارتفاع 255 cm


Attractive wardrobe with a very elegant and luxurious design, a new surprise from Elmalek Furniture!

It is characterized by a very elegant white color and durable materials with unparalleled internal and external division, a new story for a new model in the catalog of excellence.

Sleek modern wardrobes

This unique wardrobe comes with great details and sophisticated color, but what are its advantages?

How does it meet the needs of so many?

This design has many advantages, including:

The white wardrobe color makes it easy to coordinate with almost all modern bedrooms.
This model coordinates with most modern home decorations of all kinds, especially dark colors or luxurious decor.
Attractive exterior appearance, with a stylish and practical mirror that provides you with a lunch that can be used with ease.

Includes three large longitudinal folds with hangers and shelves to organize and sort out clothes.

With this unique and versatile design in your bedroom, don’t hesitate to own this very distinctive wardrobe.

Attractive modern wardrobe

Elmalek’s experts used the best and finest materials for furniture,

as counter wood was used, with red beech wood and HBL veneer.

In addition to the strong stainless steel 304, which has a thickness of 1.5 mm,

it is not subject to rust and corrosion.

The design is really sturdy and durable, used for many years, guaranteed by Elmalek Furniture, and is safe for use by the whole family.

In addition to the high-quality paints that do not peel off and do not fade with water, thus maintaining the appearance of the wardrobe in its original condition against erosion factors.

It is easy to clean the wardrobe using a soft cotton cloth, because it is not affected by water or bacteria and dust.

The main attraction of the dresser is its attractive color.

White is considered one of the most delicate and attractive colors, while its design stands out with no extra details.

Great standard sizes were used for this wardrobe, and they came as follows:

Width: 180 cm.
Depth of the wardrobe: 60 cm.
Height of the modern wardrobe: 255 cm.

And the colors of a modern wardrobe can be changed according to desire, upon contracting.

All our products are available to know their details through the website children’s bedroom 2 beds and many designs are dining room modern, the dining chair with white  by following

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