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Kessler Dressing room size 9 square meters

54,000 EGP

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Dressing room size 9 square meters
You can change the sizes and the price per square meter of dressing 6000 EGP The materials used

Note: Not all products are available in the exhibitions. They are made to order based on the customer’s request
Sizes, fabric color and delivery date are determined upon contracting

* You can change the color of its wood from the models available on the site.

Dressing room size 9 square meters
You can change the sizes and the price per square meter of dressing is 6000 EGP

The wood used: Counter and veneer HPL and sawdust red beech

A large, modern dressing rooms with luxurious and elegant specifications, used as an alternative to the wardrobe, but it surpasses it in many advantages it offers to modern homes whose owners decided to get out of the mantle of the past and revolutionize the shape of the classic bedroom in all its details, and here is the most important characteristic of this modern form.

dressing rooms Designs 2022

What distinguishes dressing room from the cupboard? Is it worth the adventure to choose this design in the room?

Reality and experience confirm that dressing room has many advantages, especially if it is from a factory that has distinguished decor experts such as El Malek Furniture.

Its most important features are:

Luxurious upscale design, giving the room a great aesthetic look.
It has a dressing area, which gives people great privacy.
It has many shelves of various sizes to organize as many clothes as possible.
Modern dressing room with a flexible design that fits the spaces of all rooms.
It rids the room of clutter and clothes scattered everywhere, because it collects them in one unit.
Plenty of shelves ensure that your clothes are kept in a great practical way.
It has drawers that keep accessories, personal belongings and jewelry from getting lost.
The clothes inside can be divided as needed, making it easy to get to everything quickly.
The design contains interior lighting that gives the design an elegant look and helps in finding things.
A distinctive color that suits all bedrooms, a combination between white and black.

Modern Dressing Styles

Perfect modern design dressing room, manufactured using the finest quality counter wood, and red beech skewers.

Strong and high-end materials that withstand heavy use, wood that does not undergo decay and does not have any breakage or warping.

Completely safe and healthy natural materials, no protrusion design making it safe for little ones.

The doors are of a very refined light gray color, resembling delicate shades.

Modern dressing room

A large dressing room of 9 square metres, containing all things and clothes.

Knowing that it is implemented on demand according to the customer’s desire and in the size he wants, where the specialist raises the sizes and determines the required design and begins implementation.

The customer also determines the colors that suit his room, all this when contracting and setting a delivery date.

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