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Lacagura L shape 6 meters

66,000 EGP

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ركنة مقاس ٦ متر

المواد المستخدمة

الخشب المستخدم: زان أحمر ، كونتر ، قشرة HPL

ملاحظة: ليست كل المنتجات متوفرة في المعارض. يتم تصنيعها بناءً على طلب العميل

يتم تحديد الأحجام ولون القماش وتاريخ التسليم عند التعاقد

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* خشب الزان الأحمر الطبيعي يجعله أقوى ومعالج ضد الحشرات والتعفن.
* نسيج معالج بالجودة ومطابق للمواصفات العالمية.
* اسفنجة عالية الكثافة لراحة اكثر (مستوردة).
* ألياف عالية الكثافة.
* استانلس 304 سمك 1.5.

The shape of its l shape form varies greatly, as some of them are characterized by bold, risky designs and bright creative colors, while others are dominated by a simple, calm design far from bold and with pale earthy colors, but all the designs meet with their different colors and shapes in being a comfortable piece of furniture that fits different decors.

This makes the corner one of the most important pieces of furniture that must be present in the living room so that the family gathers in an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy, and shares lovely moments and warm memories on their comfortable seats.

Quiet modern l shape form

If you are looking for a l shape form that suits you and meets your needs, then you are in the right place, where the El Malek Furniture Company offers

As a leading company in the furniture industry, we offer attractive high-end furniture pieces, including various corners of different shapes

And colors and designs to suit all tastes and meet needs.

Also, this l shape form with the side table is characterized by a sophisticated modern design that contains simple details that are comfortable for the eye,

The attraction lies in its simplicity, its delicacy and its calm colour, as the two pieces feature a distinctive design with wide comfortable seats

It consists of four large seats and wide armrests to provide a suitable space for relaxation and comfort.

This is in addition to the luxurious comfortable pillows that come in soft neutral colors, and the side table that increases the practicality of the shape of the El Malek l shape form and makes it more and more suitable to be placed in the living room as a focal center that does not need additional pieces.

In addition to its attractive and innovative design, the two pieces are also distinguished by the vast space with the colors of the living rooms 2022

Where it is a wide and wide corner with an area sufficient for a large number of individuals, and the side table is considered an appropriate size that is not small so that it becomes useless and is not dominated by the exaggerated size so that it is not possible to dispose of an empty space to put it.

A comfortable corner for lovers of tenderness and beauty

In addition to its elegant design, comfortable seats, and eye-pleasing appearance, which brings psychological comfort to the hearts,

Also, the l shape form of this corner is made of high-quality raw materials from a wooden chassis of red beech wood

The seats are padded with high-density foam and are filled with chile wrapped in a treated imported fabric that does not shrink or discolor over time.

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