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Lehen Dining table and 4 chairs small dining rooms

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مكونات المنتج :

غرفة سفرة مودرن تتكون من ترابيزة سفرة و عدد 4 كراسي

وصف المنتج :

ترابيزة سفرة بقرصة خشب رخامي و قاعدة خشبية علي شكل مخروطي .. مع 4 كراسي بتنجيد سادة من القماش القطيفة المعالج عالي الجودة و بأرجل معدنية مطعمة بنهاية من الاستانلس

 الخامات المستخدمة

ملحوظة :ليست جميع المنتجات متوفرة بالمعارض تنفذ بالطلب بناء على طلب العميل

 ويتم تحديد المقاسات ولون القماش وميعاد التسليم عند التعاقد

  .يمكنك تغير المقاسات و لون و نوع القماش  *

  .يمكنك تغير لون الخشب الخاص به من الموديلات المتاحة بالموقع  *

يمكنك اختيار اي موديل كرسي او بوفية او ترابيزة السفرة او الرخامة او قاعدة السفرة

من اي موديل من علي الموقع

مواصفات الترابيزة

قطر120 cm
ارتفاع77 cm
نوع الحاملقاعدة خشبية


عرض52 cm
عمق42 cm
ارتفاع الظهر98 cm
نوع الحاملارجل خشبية مطعمة بأستانلس
نوع القماشقماش مستورد معالج

* خشب زان أحمر طبيعي يجعله أمتن , معالج ضد الحشرات و التسوس .
* قماش معالج عالج الجودة و مطابق للمواصفات العالمية .
* إسفنج عالي الكثافة , ليعطي راحة أكثر ( مستورد ) .
* فايبر عالي الكثافة .
* استانلس 304 تخانة 1.5 .

A small dining rooms table with four chairs that every bride desires in her home because it has many advantages that cannot be counted. A distinctive design offered by the El Malek for furniture, in his desire to diversify and provide designs that fit with all spaces, whether large or small, and the features of this room can be identified through the following few lines .

A small dining rooms of four round chairs

A new innovation and a distinctive addition to many thin and elegant designs offered by the El Malek to customers, as this room has several advantages as follows:

Modern design of a small dining rooms with four distinctive chairs suitable for small spaces, suitable for large kitchens, chalets, studio apartments and summer residences.
A round table that makes it easy to move around to place food, and it also gathers family members in close sessions that achieve intimacy and harmony between them.

Modern small dining rooms

Made of the finest types of wood and marble, which is not subject to damage and is not affected by water and food.
Sophisticated and elegant design suitable for modern homes.
The chairs are of a wonderfully sophisticated colour, the dark burgundy that blends in with the gold color of the table.
The seat design is comfortable with excellent upholstery, the back is well fitted.
small dining rooms table with four chairs

Small yet elegant, it fulfills every need, manufactured from the highest quality materials, strong and durable.

The table’s marble is made of imported marble, and 304 grade stainless steel has been used, with a thickness of 1.5 mm. It does not accept rust and does not corrode over time, because it is an excellent and strong material.

The wood that has been relied upon is the red beech that is known for its durability and beauty, with strong countertops and HPL veneer, which means the ultimate design of a small dining rooms with four chairs that will live for many years.

The seats are upholstered using treated and imported fabrics, with high-density foam for great comfort while sitting to eat.

Luxury furniture

A small dining rooms table, four chairs of standard sizes and suitable for your modern home, as follows:

Table dimensions: 130 cm in diameter, 77 cm in height.
Chair measures: width 52 cm, depth 42 cm, back height 98 cm.

Do not hesitate if you want different sizes to suit your home, submit the required sizes to the El Malek furniture experts when contracting to implement them specifically for you.

You can also choose the model of a small dining rooms table with four chairs that you want and specify the colors of wood, fabrics, marble and all the details, so that the final product matches your taste and desire.

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