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Modern bedroom Commode

Other woods: red beech, counter and HPL veneer
Stainless: 304, 1.5 mm thick
Note: Not all products are available for occasions upon request based on customer request
The sizes and dimensions of the fabric and the delivery date are determined upon contracting

* You can change the sizes.

* You can change the color of its wood from the models available on the site.


Property Value
show 45 cm
Depth 40 cm
Height 45 cm

commodino ideas in a new, sophisticated, out of the ordinary, designs for the bedside table, the color is new, the design is modern, the accessories are elegant and the finish is distinctive, all of this is presented by the Elmalek Furniture Factory in one but very wonderful design.

modern commodino shapes

The first thing that customers think of is the materials used to manufacture the product, ensuring durability, strength and endurance.

All these specifications are found in this bedside table made of high quality red beech wood, with counter wood and HPL veneer, which are added to obtain a high quality and safety grade commodino.

The legs of the commodino are made of stainless steel 304 and are 1.5 mm thick. They are sturdy and at the same time have an elegant and beautiful design.

With the selection of black color for the handle and legs to match its light beige color.

Commode ideas

Sizes are designed to fit modern homes, width is 45cm, depth is 40cm, and height is 45cm.

Of course, you can change these numbers to suit your bedroom, upon agreement and contract, specify your required sizes to be implemented as you wish to order.

bedroom commodino shapes

There are many designs available for the columns, but the most beautiful is this configuration, which is characterized by a neutral light color to be suitable for use in many rooms and in a variety of colors.

You find it in the beige, brown and enough room, as well as in the pink room, especially for brides.

It is also used with all shades of brown, caffeinated, commodino green and blue, and it can also match gray, whether light or dark.

commodino ideas fit very well with the black color, especially as it contains an arpeggi and a handle of this color, to be like a bright spot with dark colors, breaking its intensity and making it distinctive and luxurious.

It has a wide, wide deck with four sides that looks like a fence that prevents your things from falling or sliding.

It also includes a large and deep drawer in which you place a lot of necessities,commodino with the addition of high legs that make it slightly raised from the floor so that it is easy for the housewife to clean under it.

In addition, it is light in weight despite its luxurious design and quality of materials, which makes it easy to carry and change its place without trouble or fatigue.

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