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modern children wardrobe shapes with a unique geometric design

modern children wardrobe offered by El Malek Furniture to fulfill the mothers’ dream of obtaining a design that combines all the needs of the children in one place, and makes the room without clutter, it always fulfills all dreams and satisfies all tastes, so what is the story of this design? All details can be known now.

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Is it a modern children wardrobe or a desk? Or is it a normal design or overlapping geometric shapes? Is it a library or a storage unit?

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It’s all of those in one unit, superbly saves space, and is ideal for teens, teens, and school-aged rooms.

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The modern children wardrobe includes a distinctive geometric design, with various units, shelves, and drawers that take the shapes of square, triangle, rectangle and trapezoid.

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If your child dreams of being an engineer, this room suits him very much and plays with his imagination and fulfills his dreams from the most beautiful forms of modern children’s wardrobe.
Includes wardrobe and shelves for storing and coordinating books and stories, divided into triangles and small squares for easy book division.
The design also includes a distinctive desk for writing and studying, with a rectangular surface that is wide enough for a computer as well, with small drawers to store a lot of things.
All this makes it an ideal product for boys and girls, especially since its neutral colors combine white and beige, and it can also be easily changed in agreement with the factory experts when contracting with the company.

modern children wardrobe

An innovative, sophisticated look, crafted from a blend of beech wood, counterwood and HPL veneer.
They are strong materials that prevent durability to withstand the hard use of young children, and they are materials that are not easily damaged and do not suffer from decay or breakage.

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Also, HPL veneer has been added, which makes the outer layer anti-bacterial, protects the wood from water, scratches, and fingerprints, and makes it easy to clean from dust using a soft cotton towel.
modern children wardrobe shapes Distinctive sizes distinguish this innovative unit, as its width is 240 cm, its depth is 60 cm, and its height is 255 cm.
But it should be noted that these sizes can be changed according to the room measurements upon agreement and the date of receipt.
It is also possible to change the color of the wood as desired, in accordance with the taste of the room owner, because El Malek Furniture satisfies the tastes of all age groups.

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