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lotus Modern master bedrooms Bed, wardrobe, dresser, and 2 nightstands

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Product ingredients

A modern bedroom consisting of a bed, wardrobe, dresser and 2 nightstands

product specification

Note: Not all products are available in the exhibitions. They are made to order based on the customer’s request
Sizes, fabric color and delivery are determined upon contracting

You can change the sizes, color and type of fabric *

* You can change the color of its wood from the models available on the site.

  • Bed
    Property Value
    show 180 cm
    Length 200 cm
    Height 35 cm
    High Back 150 cm
    Back Width 200cm


    Property Value
    show 120 cm
    Depth 45 cm
    Height 80 cm


    Property Value
    show 45 cm
    Depth 40 cm
    Height 45 cm

    The cupboard

    Property Value
    show 240 cm
    Depth 65 cm
    Height 255 cm
  • * Natural red beech wood makes it stronger, treated against insects and decay.
    * Fabric treated with quality and conforming to international specifications.
    * High density sponge, to give more comfort (Imported).
    * High density fibre.
    * Stainless 304, thickness 1.5.

    Modern master bedrooms represented by the most beautiful products of El Malek Furniture in wonderful colors and a distinctive design that includes all the details.

    A wonderful harmony with each other to achieve attractiveness with a distinct feeling of a moderate mood when staying in it,

    To make the hours of rest distinctive and wake up in the morning with unparalleled activity, vitality and joy.

    Modern master bedrooms 2022

    The room that the bride desires, because it combines sophistication, luxury and joy.

    Modern master bedrooms consist of a spacious and comfortable dark gray bed,

    Next to it are 2 commodes that have a design that combines white colors and the surface is sided to prevent anything from slipping.

    The dresser is also of a delicate white color,

    And a mirror in the shape of a semicircle with backlighting that brightens it.

    In addition to the presence of several drawers with golden accessories.

    The dresser has a vertical side shelving unit with soft lighting,

    It can also be used to place some antiques and books.

    Modern master bedroom wardrobe, to say the least, it is beautiful in design.

    but rather unique,

    Its color is dark gray, it has a large carport that includes shelves and drawers to put a lot of clothes,

    With an upper unit that has a single leaf for storage.

    The wardrobe design is also complemented by a distinctive unit of shelves and drawers to create plenty of storage space in the room.

    Modern master bedrooms

    Distinguished design in coordinating colors, with durable materials imported from wood countertops and HPl veneer.

    The bed’s upholstery is high density foam with a treated fabric that is imported on the outside.

    Thus, it can be said that it is not only a beautiful room, but it is very durable,

    You can also choose the colors yourself, so that your request will be executed with precision.

    Many designs can also be found on the official El Malek Furniture website,

    Pick the right design for you and ask the measurements you want.

    At the exact delivery date, you will receive a modern master bedroom with the perfect design of your choice.

    Wooden master bedrooms

    Strong wood and excellent materials were used from Al-Malik for furniture, with a choice of distinctive sizes as follows:

    Bed dimensions: width 180 cm, length 200 cm, height 35 cm, back height 150 cm, and back width 200 cm.
    The room dresser size: Width 120cm, Depth 45cm, Height 80cm.
    Commode dimensions: width 45 cm, depth 40 cm, and height 45 cm.
    Wardrobe size in master bedrooms 2022: Width 240 cm, Depth 65 cm, Height 255 cm.

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