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Milli chair 2023

كرسي مودرن 

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كرسي مودرن
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مواصفات الكرسي

عرض85 cm
عمق60 cm
ارتفاع القاعدة 47 cm
عمق القاعدة60 cm
ارتفاع الظهر95 cm

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The basis for choosing what suits home furniture and makes it the easiest and most appropriate according to the nature of your use, firstly, a modern chair 2023, preferably with armrests on both sides, with a height of no more than 60 cm.

modern chair 2023 shapes

Modern chair 2023 have varied and become many and have reached modern designs and are not only used for use, but for decoration in some times.
With experience and research, we found excellent results by trying to understand the design change or what is attributed to it through the so-called modern style, which consists of a wooden structure made of natural wood, usually made of oak, coconut, ebony,

“Modern chairs 2023” are usually made of red beech wood due to its hardness and its endurance to the factors of time. The ancestors used to call it the “lifetime device”, that is, it extends for large periods of time up to tens of years.

modern chairs shapes

The cost of manufacturing furniture, including “modern chair 2023” in this way, is difficult and expensive, and the manufacturing stages take longer. There may be other reasons why producers prefer to manufacture simpler models,
Which depends mainly on use with good form, may be the invasion of modern European thought in the use of things and the importance of time with a realism that made the choices different, especially since the shapes of homes and homes differed greatly.

The materials used

Modern chair 2023, modern and neo-classic salon sets
The good thing is that Lombardy furniture still maintains the basis of workmanship by maintaining manufacturing standards and trying to improve quality by modern methods accompanying the manufacturing processes.

Of these standards followed within the Lombardy factory when manufacturing models of seating and living rooms sets, the wooden structure is made of red Roman beech wood specifically with the use of the best complementary materials for the manufacturing processes of modern chair 2023 and sofas such as tape, pins, fiber, burlap, alternative to dublan and safflower fabrics, threads She is proficient in adhesives and sponges of all kinds, in addition to maintaining manpower (manual manufacturing) with the introduction of modern mechanization in some manufacturing stages.

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