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Mirallo Modern L shape 2023 Size 5 Meters

55,000 EGP

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ارتفاع القاعدة 47 cm
عمق القاعدة65 cm
ارتفاع الظهر85 cm

* خشب زان أحمر طبيعي يجعله أمتن , معالج ضد الحشرات و التسوس .
* قماش معالج عالج الجودة و مطابق للمواصفات العالمية .
* إسفنج عالي الكثافة , ليعطي راحة أكثر ( مستورد ) .
* فايبر عالي الكثافة .

Modern L shape 2023 It is important to choose distinctive pieces of furniture that express your personality and taste, because it is considered the most important room in the house and the first thing that guests see and on the basis of which they make a first impression of you and your family.

The Elmalek Company works to provide distinguished services to its valued customers, as it provides the possibility of changing the colors and types of fabrics as well as the color of wood to implement a piece of furniture that fits the design of a living room that resembles you and satisfies your desires.

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Modern L shape 2023

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Elmalek Furniture is a big name, get to know it closely and Best Furniture Stores in Cairo and how to choose the right place ?

Elmalek Furniture is on Facebook.

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You can follow Elmalek Furniture on Tik Tok here.



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