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Mornash Living rooms sofas

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كنبة مودرن

مكونات المنتج 

كنبة مودرن

مواصفات المنتج

الخامات المستخدمة : خشب زان احمر

القماش المستخدم : قماش مستورد معالج .

ملحوظة :ليست جميع المنتجات متوفرة بالمعارض تنفذ بالطلب بناء على طلب العميل
 ويتم تحديد المقاسات ولون القماش ومعاد التسليم عند التعاقد


  .يمكنك تغير المقاسات و لون و نوع القماش  *

  .يمكنك تغير لون الخشب الخاص به من الموديلات المتاحة بالموقع  *


مواصفات الكنبة

عرض220 cm
ارتفاع القاعدة 47 cm
عمق القاعدة65 cm
ارتفاع الظهر85 cm

الخامات المستخدمة : خشب زان احمر .

القماش المستخدم : قماش مستورد معالج .

Living rooms sofas is very important for home decor. The sofa, with its appearance and large size, complements the space of any room in which it is located, especially the living room. It is considered the pivotal piece to which other pieces of furniture are added. The living room or any other room cannot consist of only a set of chairs, Rather, any room needs a large piece of furniture to symbolically express the nature of the place and this is the role that the sofa plays.

El Malek Furniture, as a leading company in the furniture industry, presents distinctive, high-quality furniture pieces, made with all professionalism and craftsmanship, and designed to the fullest extent to match the aesthetics required to be available in any luxury piece of furniture.

Distinguished luxury Living rooms sofas

This Living rooms sofas is considered a luxury home furniture of a high style, as it consists of a creative design, dominated by innovative, bold and eye-catching details. This sofa represents a wonderful addition to your home décor capable of transforming it into a distinctive space with its attractive appearance.

The sofa is characterized by a sophisticated modern design and a calm color that suits most tastes and is dominated by elegance and sophistication, which balances its amazing design, which may be shocking to some and daring.

Where the Living rooms sofas stands out with an innovative, attractive, eye-catching, different, distinctive design that is not similar to other designs, as its outer structure does not consist of a single fabric covering it all, but rather consists of two distinct patterns, one of which is a design of wide upholstery stitches and the other design is horizontal lines that give Part of the sofa has a ribbed look, and the combination of the two designs gives the sofa a surprisingly chic and innovative look.

The sofa is also characterized by being made with appropriate dimensions and high quality materials, as follows:

Living rooms sofas made of solid red beech wood, strong, easy to use, and not susceptible to damage or decay.
Imported treated fabric that does not shrink and does not discolor over time.
High-density foam for sofa cushion and seat cushioning.
Premium paints that do not peel off easily, are waterproof and have glossy colours.

The distinctive measurements of the sofa are as follows:

Width 220 cm with a depth of 80 cm and a comfortable back height of 85 cm, while the base rises from the ground 47 cm with a depth of 65 cm.

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