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Opora modern wardrobe interior design

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Product ingredients

Note: Not all products are available in the exhibitions. They are made to order based on the customer’s request
Sizes, fabric color and delivery date are determined upon contracting

You can change the sizes, color and type of fabric *
* You can change the color of its wood from the models available on the site.


Depth60 cm
Height255 cm

———————————————— ————————————————– ————————————————– –

The materials used
Wood used: red beech, counter and HPL veneer
Stainless steel: 304, thickness 1.5 mm

modern wardrobe interior design is not like any other country, but it is a different and distinct design, starting from the color through the manufacturing materials to its uses, design and division, all its details aim to provide a chic piece of furniture in your bedroom, while fulfilling many of the needs that will be clarified in the following report.

modern wardrobe interior design 2022

New design, looks and feels different at first sight, as soon as you see it you feel special, as it is a large storage unit for clothes, shoes, bags and all needs.

It has many drawers and select shelves, top and bottom, and also has an open side shelf unit.

Use it to place shoes, clothes, or antiques and accessories to add a touch of elegance to the room.

Included soft-light units in the side unit achieve an elegant look.

As for the color, it is very wonderful, a delicate degree between white and off-white, this achieves harmony and harmony with the modern wardrobe interior design of a modern white bedroom.

It can be used with white or pink room, it will also go well with cashmere, black, brown, blue, milky, green, turquoise and café room.

modern wardrobe interior design

This design is presented in only one color, with black accessories for the knobs and nothing more, making it very simple and not overkill.

Its shape is delicate and exquisite, while it is manufactured using strong materials, of red beech with the contour and veneer HBL.

A modern wardrobe interior design set that gives strength and durability and provides a smooth exterior that is easy to clean, not affected by fingerprints, bacteria and dust.

The metal used is stainless 304, and its thickness is 1.5 mm. This particular type does not corrode or rust, and it is the same sleep used in the manufacture of cutlery.

Do not hesitate if you want to change the color of the cupboard, because this is possible by following the models available on the site and choosing the one that suits you best.

white modern bedroom furniture

Standard modern wardrobe interior design sizes fit most modern bedrooms, its width is 240 cm, depth is 60 cm, and height is 255 cm.

That is, it is wide and wide that can contain a lot of items.

Knowing that upon agreement and conclusion of the contract and setting the date of receipt, the customer can specify the sizes he wants.

Where the design is carried out with great precision according to these requirements, whether colors, models or sizes.


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