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Peyatres commode 2022

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كمود غرفة نوم مودرن

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عرض45 cm
عمق40 cm
ارتفاع 45 cm


commode 2022 with a design that confirmed that it suffices all the needs required next to the bed, you put on top of it and inside it everything you want to be close to you to achieve your desire, you do not need to move at night to search for anything, because all the needs will be within your reach, as for the color, design and materials, they are the most wonderful and most beautiful Whatever it is, get to know this special piece through these lines.

modern commode 2022

Talking about this commode 2022 model means showing a sophisticated design, starting with its color, which is light and dark brown with light beige.

You can find it in many rooms, especially those designed in beige, brown and sufficient shades. It is also suitable for gray, whether light or dark.

It is also used in rooms that have been designed from the delicate rose color that brides love, cashmere color, as well as light blue and green in all shades.

With the coordination of light silk curtains in beige, kaffir and rose colors, there is complete harmony between all the details of the bedroom.

The design includes a spacious surface that holds many things and several drawers to place and store many things, in addition to an open space used to put books and everything you want next to you.

commode 2022

The materials used in the manufacture were carefully selected from high-quality materials, as counter wood was used with red beech wood, with stainless steel 304 with a thickness of 1.5 mm.

The design is also reinforced from the outside with an HPL veneer, which makes the commode 2022 easy to clean without fatigue, especially since its surface is not affected by fingerprints.

It is also waterproof and anti-bacterial, which means that it is safe for the health of both adults and children.

modern nightstands

The sizes of the commode 2022 fit many models and bedrooms, to be distinguished by its color and sizes.

It was 45 cm wide, 40 cm deep, and 45 cm high.

The customer can review the many models available on the site, and choose the commode 2022 model that he wants to implement.

When contracting, the sizes that he wants to apply, and the choice of the color he wishes to implement are presented.

After that, a contract is made and the appropriate timing for the implementation of the design is determined by experts and specialists who have high skill, accuracy and experience.

Knowing that El Malek Furniture is committed to designing all products on time without delay, according to the specifications set with utmost honesty, accuracy and skill.

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