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Schroner children’s bedroom

Children’s bedroom with two beds, wardrobe and dresser

66,000 EGP

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Product Ingredients:

A children’s bedroom consisting of two beds and a wardrobe of 140 cm width and a dresser

* NB :
* Not all products are available in exhibitions, they are made to order at the request of the customer
And the sizes and the color of the fabric and the re-delivery are determined upon contracting.
* You can change the sizes, color and type of fabric.
*You can change the color of its wood from the models available on the site.

  • Bed
    feature Value
    width 140 cm
    Length 200 cm
    Back Width 140cm
  • * High quality hpl on a thickness of 22 mm from the highest types of counters.
    * Assembling the units with Zan keys, for easy removal and installation more than once.
    * Hinges Blum, Hungary, German import.

    If you are looking for children’s bedroom 2 beds, a wardrobe and a dressing table, you will find your request here.

    Elmalek prides itself on making bespoke bedroom furniture that provides a visual dazzling factor with excellent functionality, and high-quality materials.

    Elmalek Furniture guarantees you furniture pieces that are guaranteed to last you for the longest possible period.

    Modern children’s bedroom

    Among the creative designs offered by Elmalek Company to its customers, this room is suitable for everyone who is looking for children’s bedrooms with two beds, a wardrobe and a dressing table.

    This room provides you with all the needs of the bedroom from a dresser, wardrobe and beds.

    Thus, you will not need any more pieces of furniture to add to this children’s bedroom with two beds, a wardrobe and a dressing table.

    The bunk bed set  of children’s bedroom 2 beds has been expertly and professionally designed,

    with the two beds featuring ample space.

    Includes most sizes and provides enough room for turning over.

    The ladder to the loft bed is made of solid wood to give you safety and peace of mind when using it.

    The loft bed is surrounded by a hollow wooden frame to increase safety and prevent any unexpected accidents.

    A dressing table of 5 shelves next to the cupboard was cleverly carved into the structure,

    to be used for placing books, toys and lighting tools.

    Wardrobe space doubles with top drawers for storage use.

    Its look is enhanced by sophisticated, warm colors,

    ranging from woody and mint green.

    With creamy handles for the wardrobe, shelves and loft bed.

    Those warm colors of children’s bedroom 2 beds create unparalleled distinction,

    beauty, and calmness for the room.

    It is also made of high quality wood, which adds an artistic touch to the finished product.

    A very delicate kids bedroom

    The children’s bedroom comes with a bunk bed, a long wardrobe attached,

    specially designed as a communal unit of wardrobe and dresser.

    Cream-white wood panels give the end of the wardrobe a light touch.

    The wooden staircase, wide with green frame, enriches the room’s practicality,

    as well as its elegant appearance and design.

    In addition to the distinctive dimensions that make this children’s bedroom 2 beds fit in most spaces.

    Its calm, warm colors also make it suitable for different home decorations without conflict.

    Not all products are available in showrooms, but they are implemented on demand based on the customer’s request,

    and sizes, fabric color, and re-delivery are specified upon contracting.

    All our products are available to know their details through the website children’s bedroom 2 beds and many designs are modern buffet beige,  smart home buffet , Buffet Large Brown,  modern furniture chair by following

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