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Seen modern wood wardrobe

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عمق60 cm
ارتفاع 255 cm


 الاخشاب المستخدمة :          زان احمر وكونتر و القشرة اتش بي ال
الاستانلس :                    ٣٠٤   تخانة ١.٥ مم

A modern wood wardrobe whose design tells you a lot, it is the design that you were looking for, it contains everything you want in your wardrobe of divisions, hangers and drawers, it will contain everything you want, and you will not need with it any other storage spaces in the room.

wood cupboard

There are many advantages that you will find in this design, the most prominent of which are the following:

Includes hangers of various lengths, to match dresses of all lengths as well as suits.
It has spacious upper shelves, which are important for storing furniture and clothes from one season to the next.
You can find a wide range of shelves inside this wardrobe, use them to put clothes in an organized and beautiful way.
Your small things will have a safe place to keep them from getting lost, as it has a set of drawers.
Modern wood wardrobe The color of the wardrobe is one of its most important features, as it came in the color of beige wood, which is an ideal color because it matches many bedrooms.
It can be used in all bedrooms with all colors, especially brown in all its shades.
It does not include doors, making its design mimicking that of a spacious dressing room.

A sophisticated and new design, different, made of high quality materials, from red beech wood with the counter.

These woods are known for their durability, strength and freedom from problems such as breakage and decay.

It has also been reinforced with an HPL veneer, which adds strength to the design, taking advantage of making the wood easy to clean, anti-bacterial and unaffected by water and liquids, and fingers leave no fingerprints on it.

Large modern wood wardrobe

Standard sizes offered by the El Malek in this wardrobe, its width is 240 cm, its depth is 60 cm, and its height is 255 cm.

Knowing that all models and displays are made to order, so sizes can be changed according to the size of the bedroom.

It is also possible to change the model and colors of the wood as a whole, upon contracting.

A modern wooden wardrobe, where a specific date is agreed upon for receiving the wardrobe upon contracting, with the utmost accuracy committed to it.

Do not hesitate to ask the legitimate and help from the El Malek experts to coordinate the wardrobe with the bedroom with all its details, such as a bed, a bed and a dresser.

In order to get a complete modern bedroom, integrated and harmonious in every detail, signed by decorators and the El Malek furniture.



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