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Tabetha wood side tables


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Modern bedroom Commode

Other woods: red beech, counter and HPL veneer
Stainless: 304, 1.5 mm thick
Note: Not all products are available for occasions upon request based on customer request
The sizes and dimensions of the fabric and the delivery date are determined upon contracting

* You can change the sizes.

* You can change the color of its wood from the models available on the site.


show45 cm
Depth40 cm
Height45 cm

wood side tables are an essential and required element in any bedroom, where the delicate nightstand that collects many things next to the sleeper, it makes life easier, everything you need is next to you, you immediately get a watch, glasses and your favorite book, light up your night with the lampshades carried by the elegant nightstand from El Malek Furniture .

modern wood side tables

Distinctive sizes provided by El Malek Furniture in a wonderful standard, width 45 cm, depth 40 cm, and height 45 cm.

You can, of course, order your design in your own sizes after submitting the dimensions of your room to the El Malek experts.

You will get your own design with specific details provided by yourself and done for you.

wood side tables

What do you want to be next to you while you sleep? What are your essential needs? Whatever it is, don’t worry it will be carried away by the distinctive commode with its modern design.

This model not only includes a wide and spacious surface on which you can place all your things, but it also includes drawers for more storage and storage.

As for its color, it is characterized by a wonderful color that combines shades of gray, this neutral and modern color at the same time.

Therefore, wood side tables do not cause any confusion when coordinated with the bedroom, as it harmonizes easily with many colors.

You find it in harmony with the black color, for a luxurious and distinctive design, as well as in harmony with the white and off-white color in a form that is comfortable for the eyes.

You can also find it in a bedroom whose colors combine light rose or cashmere, blue and milk with all its derivatives.

It also coordinates with green in its shades, light and dark mauve, light beige, red, orange and yellow, and many shades of earthy and pastel colors.

So it is wonderful in all its details, whether in terms of models, wooden tables, or its elegant and delicate colors.

modern commodes

As a stand or wood side tables, it is the two in one lightweight design that moves easily from one place to another.

The wood side tables are made of red beech wood that has been combined with the counter and added HPL veneer.

The elegant stainless steel 304 was also used in the design, which is 1.5 mm thick, which increases its strength and durability.

This is with the customer having the opportunity to choose the model of wooden tables that he likes from among the models of the El Malek of furniture available on his website.

Customers also choose the type of wood, its color and shape, and agree on an exact delivery date.

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