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Tanaro buffet furniture off white triangles

27,000 EGP

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*Materials used
Wood used: HPL veneer counter
Stainless: 304, thickness 1.5
*Note: Not all products are available in exhibitions, they are made to order at the request of the customer
Sizes, fabric color and delivery date are determined upon contracting.

* You can change the sizes.

* You can change the color of its wood from the models available on the site.

Property Value
width 210 cm
depth 50 cm
height 90 cm

* High quality hpl on a thickness of 22 mm from the highest types of counters.
* Assembling the units with Zan keys, for easy removal and installation more than once.
* Hinges Blum, Hungary, German import.
Stainless: 304, 1.5 mm thick

If you are looking for a buffet furniture with the latest design with unique and distinctive details that are dominated by traditional luxury and elegance, then you are in the right place.

Where Elmalek offers you the latest high-end designs

and the best pieces of furniture that combine functionality

and a refined aesthetic appearance.

This buffet has everything you are looking for in sophistication

and luxury combined with comfortable practical performance.

Where you can make good use of the spaces of this buffet while enjoying a chic

and upscale piece of furniture worthy of luxury homes, villas and palaces.

This buffet is characterized by a very elegant and delicate design with a charming gray color,

and distinctive wooden legs that add to its attractiveness and beauty.

Luxurious buffet furniture for creativity lovers

This buffet is in addition to being a completely trendy modern product with strong personality

and unlimited matching possibilities in the market.

It provides the needs of customers looking for luxury and elegance as a lifestyle.

The addition of this buffet to the dining room or the living room with its modern

and innovative design is an elegant addition that increases the beauty of your home

and adds a distinctive aesthetic touch to it.

This buffet furniture is one of the distinctive buffets that will transform the living room into a chic piece of art.

Sophisticated buffet with subtle details

This buffet, like other pieces of furniture offered to you by Elmalek Furniture,

is distinguished by the finest materials in its manufacture, which were imported from the best markets:

The internal structure is made of red beech wood chassis with strong and durable counters.

Excellent, high-quality paints that do not fade with water and do not peel off over time.

Innovative design by design experts and the most skilled craftsmen using the latest machines and the latest technologies.

Comfortable measurements of smart furniture buffet with a width of 210 cm,

a depth of 50 cm and a height of 90 cm.

Special thick stainless with a glossy appearance.

Elmalek Company also provides you with the possibility of coordinating furniture pieces according to desire and taste.

After settling on the shape and details, the customer wants, they agree with the company to implement it and deliver it on a specific date,

so that they get their own design according to their needs and taste.

All our products are available to know their details through the website buffet furniture and many designs are modern buffet beige,  smart home buffet , modern luxury furniture,  modern furniture chair by following

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