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A new modern wooden wardrobe is one of the most important and most essential elements of the modern bedroom.

This wardrobe differs from traditional forms, with refined details and unparalleled functionality.

The colors, designs and woods made of them also confirm that Elmalek Furniture provides new and unparalleled designs and fulfills the dream of obtaining the Furniture that the newlyweds need in their new bedroom.

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Classy modern wooden wardrobe

New modern wardrobe has a distinctive design with modern accents and a great color that goes with many other colors.

The wardrobe is also made of premium, high-quality materials

so that it will retain its beauty and elegance for many years,

without changing its beautiful look.

As for the colors, it is a delicate light brown café color,

which gives the room a distinctive feeling of warmth and luxury at the same time.

The modern wooden wardrobe consists of two long shelves with drawers and interior spaces to be able to coordinate and store different clothes.

With two upper drawers for storing bedding and winter clothes in the summer or storing summer clothes in the winter.

The colors of the whole room can be coordinated to harmonize with the color of the modern wooden wardrobe, where the walls can be beige or light blue,

and wallpaper can be used with light, thin patterns.

The wardrobe also features a tall attached mirror so you can check your appearance before heading out.

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Soft, elegant wardrobes

New modern wooden wardrobe made of the finest quality wood with HPl veneer, a strong and durable material.

Distinguished design with standard sizes that fit many spaces,

and came with a width of 160 cm, a depth of 60 cm, and a height of 255 cm.

Also, Elmalek Furniture offers the latest models on its website,

and customers can choose from them according to their desire.

Because the implementation of all models is made to order according to the specifications of the modern wooden wardrobe provided by the client to the company, starting with the sizes that are determined by the client according to the space of the room.

The color, type and color of wood and fabrics are also chosen, to suit all modern bedroom decor.

In the end, the customer gets the perfect design that they dream of and wish for with their own specifications, and receives it on the agreed date.

All our products are available to know their details through the website and many designs are Furniture, the dining chair with white, small buffet table white, Buffet Large Brown by following

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  • Sizes, fabric color, and delivery times are determined upon contracting.
  • You can change the sizes, color and type of fabric.
  • You can change the color of its wood from the models available on the site.
  • Prices do not include VAT.
  • Prices do not include transportation costs.
  • Warranty 5 years against manufacturing defects.

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