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Tristan children room furniture

 Bed ,Wardrobe  , desk and chair

69,000 EGP

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*Product Ingredients:
A children’s bedroom consisting of a bed, wardrobe 160 cm wide, a desk and a chair
* NB :
* Not all products are available in exhibitions, they are made to order at the request of the customer
And the sizes and the color of the fabric and the re-delivery are determined upon contracting.
* You can change the sizes, color and type of fabric.
* You can change the color of its wood from the models available on the site.

  • Bed
    feature Value
    width 120 cm
    Length 200 cm
    Height 35 cm
    Back Width 120cm


    feature Value
    width 160 cm
    Depth 60 cm
    Height 250 cm


    feature Value
    width 120 cm
    Depth 60 cm
    Height 72 cm


    feature Value
    width 60 cm
    Depth 60 cm
    Height 85 cm
  • * High quality hpl on a thickness of 22 mm from the highest types of counters.
    * Assembling the units with Zan keys, for easy removal and installation more than once.
    * Hinges Blum, Hungary, German import.

    Modern children room furniture complete are one of the best pieces of furniture that can be placed in your home.

    Because the children’s bedroom is located in the heart of your home, and is the haven that your children go to for relaxation and comfort.

    So it should be full of comfortable and good-looking pieces of furniture.

    Stylish children room furniture

    Elmalek Furniture offers a collection of modern children’s bedrooms complete with high-end designers and the finest materials in the market,

    such as red beech wood and imported fabric.

    They have been carefully selected by interior designers.

    Among the thousands of luxurious fabrics, leathers and velvets that you can choose from.

    Whether you are looking for a distinctive modern or luxurious children room furniture

    or are not quite sure what look you are looking for, you are welcome to visit Elmalek showroom, or you can browse the company’s pages on social media.

    Elegant modern kids bedrooms complete

    This room is considered one of the children room furniture.

    It is characterized by elegance, chic and sophistication,

    in addition to containing all the essential pieces of furniture for your children.

    This children room furniture consists of a bed, wardrobe, nightstand, desk and chair.

    The wardrobe comes with a width of 140 cm and a comfortable contemporary design,

    which brings a touch of modern sophistication to the bedroom.

    If you are looking for a children’s bedroom that offers comfort and elegance,

    this children room furniture can be a great choice for your home with its calm and relaxing design and simple details.

    Whether you want a stunning blue bedroom with luxurious, eye-catching details,

    or a simple, relaxing green bedroom, there are plenty of options when it comes to children room furniture.

    Where Elmalek gives you the freedom to choose the colors and type of fabric used in the design.

    As not all products are available in exhibitions, but they are made to order based on the customer’s request.

    Measurements, fabric color and delivery are also specified upon contracting.

    Where, when dealing with Elmalek Company, you will get a distinctive children room furniture made of the finest types of natural wood and high-quality fabrics.

    All our products are available to know their details through the website children’s bedroom and many designs are childrens bedroom furniture,  modern diningroom table by following

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