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Zefra modern design of sofa and 2 chairs

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:مكونات المنتج

انتريه مودرن مكون من  كنبة عدد 2 كرسي

ملحوظة :ليست جميع المنتجات متوفرة بالمعارض تنفذ بالطلب بناء على طلب العميل
 ويتم تحديد المقاسات ولون القماش ومعاد التسليم عند التعاقد

  .يمكنك تغير المقاسات و لون و نوع القماش  *

  .يمكنك تغير لون الخشب الخاص به من الموديلات المتاحة بالموقع  *


مواصفات الكنبة

الخاصية القيمة
عرض 220 cm
عمق 80cm
ارتفاع القاعدة  47 cm
عمق القاعدة 65 cm
ارتفاع الظهر 85 cm


مواصفات الكرسي

الخاصية القيمة
عرض 85 cm
عمق 60 cm
ارتفاع القاعدة  47 cm
عمق القاعدة 60 cm
ارتفاع الظهر 95 cm

* خشب زان أحمر طبيعي يجعله أمتن , معالج ضد الحشرات و التسوس .
* قماش معالج عالج الجودة و مطابق للمواصفات العالمية .
* إسفنج عالي الكثافة , ليعطي راحة أكثر ( مستوؤررد ) .
* فايبر عالي الكثافة .

Elmalek Furniture offers the latest designs of modern design of sofa that combine luxury and simplicity and achieve the difficult equation between functionality and aesthetic appearance.

The company is keen to provide unique and distinctive pieces of furniture

with innovative shapes and comfortable and appropriate sizes.

This sofa consists of a modern sofa with a bold elegant design

and attracts attention with its simplicity and innovative, unparalleled design.

Sofa Modern from Elmalek Furniture

This modern design of sofa is characterized by a simple, modern and luxurious design, the main attraction of which is its golden base that catches the eye.

It is designed in a wonderfully streamlined shape so simple that you will look at its base to impress you with its bright golden color.

It creates a contrast between the calmness of the design and its delicate colors,

and the luster of gold that attracts the eye.

Each piece of modern design of sofa is distinguished by its unique and distinctive features in:

The sofa appears with a very bold and calm design,

as its boldness is due to the simplicity of its shape, which gives it a unique luxury.

The distinctive measurements of the modern design of sofa are represented in its large width of 220 cm, and its comfortable depth of 80 cm.

The height of the base reaches 47 cm and it comes in a depth of 65 cm,

while the height of the back is 85 cm.

The sofa includes 2 comfortable modern chairs with a suitable design to fill the narrow spaces that confuse you when placing furniture.

Each chair has comfortable dimensions, measuring 85 cm wide and 60 cm deep.

While the back height is 95 cm, in addition to it has a comfortable base

with a depth of 60 cm and a height of 47 cm.

Delicate chic design

A modern design of sofa is one of the most sought-after pieces by individuals to place in their home to complement the décor and give the place a modern and elegant look.

This design is also suitable for those who are looking for subtle and bold sofas

that lean towards the traditional.

Elmalek also provides special advantages represented in the ability to change the color

and type of fabrics used and wood.

In addition to the possibility of implementing any other models

or changing the sizes according to the customer’s desire

All our products are available to know their details through the website and many designs are small buffet table white, dining chair modern off, modern buffet design, home furniture dining chair by following

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