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  • Furniture accessories are small items without which furniture and its designs have no meaning, accessories can be any part involved in the furniture and its shape other than the basic structure of the piece of furniture itself, such as cabinet and drawer knobs, door knobs, wardrobe interior units, drawer rails, hinges, shelves, brackets, furniture legs and chair wheels, among others. The most common furniture accessories.
  • Types of accessories


  • Handles are at the top of the list of furniture accessories we see in everyday life. Cabinet and drawer knobs are especially indispensable in most of our regular work. Handles are also furniture accessories that have a great aesthetic role.
  • furniture legs
  • Furniture legs are also among the furniture accessories, whose functions are very great, they help to bear a huge load, made of materials such as wood and plastic, furniture legs may not have an aesthetic contribution to the furniture, but they are functionally indispensable parts.
  • door handles
  • Although doors in our homes are usually among the fixtures and are rarely changed, we use door handles a lot in daily life, and they are particularly important for their functions.
  • Drawer Knobs
  • Drawer knobs, which are among the furniture accessories we won’t see or even know exist as long as they function properly, are among the furniture world’s secret heroes.
  • hinges
  • Many of us are familiar with hinges, a very important category of furniture accessories that provides movement in furniture with moving mechanisms such as doors and cabinets.
  • Features of furniture 

  • Multi-purpose products that can be in different colors and models are produced for any furniture that you use in your home and are marked with the elmalek :
  • These accessories are products that make your home more elegant and your items look more harmonious.
    The types of furniture are so many, the production is done with different materials according to everyone’s budget.
    It is made of various materials including plastic, stainless steel, metal, silicone and other materials, in line with all types of furniture.
    Easy to clean and does not change color.
    Carefully riveted and intertwined with the component wood of the furniture.
  • With elmalek Furniture, you can modify and choose that match the model according to your desire, and get the best types available in the market.


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