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Modern multi-use tables with great designs that fit all modern decors, in many circular, square, rectangular and oval shapes, as well as multiple colors and sizes to place water and juice cups and dishes, and they are placed overlapping to save space.

Elegant tables from the Elmalek

Perfect as centerpieces in your living room or sitting area, these elegant decorative tables are large enough to hold drinks and snacks while entertaining guests but compact enough to save valuable floor space.

More than one type of table is available:

Side Tables Elmalek Furniture offers some side tables that are compact and sturdy, these are perfect small floor spaces and provide comfortable surfaces for keeping drinks, remote controls, keys and other essentials close at hand.

Family mealtime still matters, so you need to make sure you have a comfortable and inviting space to get together, these dining room are perfect for any decor style you can think of in your dining room area with the high-quality design of all table sets with Elmalek Furniture.

Made of beautiful, durable wood, these feature an array of colors and wood grain patterns, each bringing beauty and elegance to your room, these are popular choices for bedrooms, living rooms and outdoor areas and provide a nice elegant touch to any room in your home, making them a great choice for everyone.

Library Tables These sturdy tables are made to hold essential technology and pieces of equipment, such as televisions and game systems, and are also popular pieces of our high-end furniture accessories.

If you are looking to upgrade your furniture quickly and easily, these console are a fine piece of furniture.

Elmalek Furniture offers many shapes and sizes of small and large and different types of dining and living room tables with the finest types of raw materials with a 25-year guarantee.

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