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The most modern and sophisticated bedrooms with wonderful designs you can find at EL Malek Furniture, the rooms that consist of the contents needed by the modern house, manufactured with the finest types of materials from fabrics and wood, with the addition of beautiful accessories to be the bright side of the house and the comfortable place that provides relaxation and recreation at the end of the day.

The latest complete bedrooms

The distinctive room that you know its beauty at first sight and makes sure that it fits with what you wish for your home, because it includes distinctive pieces that modern homes need.

Where the big bed next to it is 2 bedside table with a beautiful design in different colors and to suit all tastes with deep drawers that have distinctive elegant accessories.

The latest bedrooms, in addition to the beds, consist of dressing rooms.

They are the most important components for the bride in particular, suffice all needs and have lists of elegance and splendor.

As for the most important pieces of the room, it is the dressing room or cupboards with the EL Malek of furniture, which consists of many shelves and drawers of various sizes, many hangers and various places to put all the needs, whether clothes or shoes.

EL Malek Bedrooms shapes

The EL Malek latest bedrooms enjoy special attention, as they are made of sturdy countertops with HPl veneer.

With the use of imported high-quality processed fabrics and high-end colors.

Knowing that EL Malek Furniture offers a unique opportunity for customers to choose the design they want from among the models displayed on the company’s website.

The customer also provides the sizes he needs when contracting and determining the date of receipt, in addition to choosing the color of the fabrics as well as the appropriate wood color.

Thus, the customer gets the design and shape he wants in the color, shape and size that he selects himself.

EL Malek has sizes that suit many customers’ homes because they are international standard, as follows:Bedrooms

Because the EL Malek exhibits are all executable by order.

Where the customer provides all the specifications of the latest bedrooms that he wants when contracting with the company.

The date of receipt is determined precisely, while adhering to all the standards requested by the customer and determined by the customer without changes, errors or problems.



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Alicia the children's room

Two beds, a wardrobe , a dresser and


Bed, wardrobe, 2 nightstands, dresser, TV unit and


Bed with 2 commods

Butcher children's bedroom decorations

Wardrobe bed, dresser, shelves unit and chair


Bed,  2 commodes 
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