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Modern bedrooms 2023 are modern and modern designs loved by newlyweds, because they are in line with the requirements of new homes and advanced tastes,

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very different from the classic style, whether in designs, colors and even the size of furniture pieces, choosing them requires you to be careful so that you have the room you dream of and fit your home with all its details. Learn about many of its models at Al-Malik Furniture, which is known for providing everything that is modern and luxurious.

Bedroom Catalog 2023

When you want to buy distinctive pieces of furniture, you need to search to find the place that provides you with what you want.

Of course, there is nothing better and more elegant than Elmalek Furniture, which offers you the latest international models.

You will find his website and his pages on social networking sites with many pictures and videos.

You can choose from them, because they are characterized by diversity and renewal constantly, as well as modernity taken from the latest international catalogs.

It is made of premium quality materials with a great finish.

This is not all, but you can choose the models that suit you for each piece of Modern Bedroom 2023.

Then you ask to be executed according to the colors, materials and sizes that are suitable for you and your home and its decorations.

To provide you with the Elmalek of furniture experts, a unique modern bedroom made for you alone.

You receive the room directly from our factories, and its installer is supervised by specialized experts.

Modern Bedrooms 2023

To have a bedroom in your house, this is normal.

But for this room to be distinctive and designed according to your own standards, this is something that can only be achieved with Elmalek Furniture.

Which provides the latest international designs and is implemented by the most skilled workers, technicians and experts.

The details of your entire bedroom are made of the finest wood, with a high-end finish.

The most important components of the room that are required to complement the elegance and luxury of the place, the most prominent of these additions are the following:

Room lighting: The bedroom needs soft and romantic lights to provide relaxation and help a peaceful sleep.
Rugs: They are chosen from soft materials and light, thin colors that match the colors of the rest of the room, while choosing subtle and not exaggerated patterns.
Paints: The colors of the walls have a great role in achieving psychological comfort, so they should be calm and light, such as white, rose, milk, off-white and gray.
Dark curtains: heavy type, preferably cotton, velor or linen, to provide warmth, while darkening the room during the day when needed.
Silk curtains: their shape, design and colors, they must be elegant and fit the colors of the room as a whole, and light to provide air and light naturally.
Bed linen: It is chosen from soft cotton materials, with colors proportional to the rest of the room, while staying away from the stark colors and the many patterns.
Side tables: They are lightweight and can be moved from one position to another as desired, great for coffee and juice while reading your favorite book.
TV table: It is used to put the TV with some antiques and books.
Storage unit: It can be used in the case of large rooms, and is used to place bedding, towels and many things.
Banquette or seat: One of the important additions that is used for sitting, and a pouf can also be used.
Small sofa: very useful as a place to sit in the bedroom, ideal for relaxing, reading and watching TV.
Longitudinal mirror: special for women in particular, it helps in applying makeup and getting dressed.
Elegant lampshades: They are used on the lamps to provide distinctive lighting during the night.

Modern Bedrooms 2023

Bedrooms complete with wardrobe and dresser

The components and pieces of furniture included in the modern bedroom are varied, and you can choose the complete room.

Or you have to choose some items and not others, depending on your desire and according to the available budget and the space of the room.

The decor experts present the most important pieces of furniture that you need, whether basic or additional.

This is as follows:

main bed

One of the most important components of the modern bedrooms 2023 as it appears with a completely different design on the classic designs.

Most of the modern designs find captonite lined with high-density sponge, which looks great.

It also uses imported processed fabrics for upholstery, to obtain a distinctive design.

Bearing in mind that few modern designs have legs, because most of them are now based on the ground.

This new shape allows for a drawer as a distinctive storage space that eliminates a lot of clutter in the room.

Other designs are available that contain their own library, or suites that contain commas.

The main bed is also distinguished by its large width compared to any other bed in the rooms of the house, to accommodate more than one person.

big wheel

It is also one of the most important pieces in the bedroom, it must be made of strong and durable materials.

It should also have a modern design that matches the design of the cupboard, whether in colors or patterns.

Its interior design is versatile to contain a lot of hangers and shelves, so that clothes are organized and arranged properly.

It also includes many hangers with upper units for storage, in addition to drawers of all sizes and shapes.

It can be with ordinary or sliding doors, according to desire and space.

Dressing room in modern bedrooms 2023

It is considered the practical and advanced alternative to wardrobes in modern bedrooms 2023 and is implemented to order.

This is because they are made in certain sizes depending on the available space in the room, whether it is large or small.

It has refined interior lighting, plush glass doors, with plenty of shelves, hangers, drawers and storage units.

In addition to a place to sit for wearing clothes and shoes, which is allocated a good place in the design.

Its price is determined by the dimensions and the cost per square meter, and its design must be suitable for the design of the room as a whole.


The 2023 Modern Bedrooms also include these important pieces, of which you can find two next to the bed.

With the need for them not only for the purpose of luxury and complement the beauty of the bedroom.

But they are very important next to your bed to keep all the things you want at night.

Such as lampshades, medicines, reading glasses, a favorite book and some flowers and accessories.

Therefore, its design must be distinctive and suitable for the bed,

wardrobe and dresser, with drawers or a fold to store what you want.


One of the important components of a complete modern bedroom,

in front of which cosmetics and hairdressing are used.

It is of interest to both men and women, so it is designed in an attractive way,

and from distinctive materials.

It includes a mirror that is clean and provides a clear view, with drawers and a roller for storing lots of belongings.

With its own seat or bench, to be seated in a comfortable position.

It is upholstered using premium materials that do not fall or change shape over time.

Modern Bedrooms 2023

Modern Bedrooms 2023

What is the difference between the 2023 modern bedrooms and the traditional classic bedrooms.

The modern designs are simple in their shape, streamlined,

and do not contain engravings, engravings, or oysters.

The design is also classic, it has a lot of engravings that are mostly made by hand.

The size of the pieces in modern rooms is small and its weight is light, so it is easy to move and move it from one place to another.

The classic furniture pieces are heavy and heavy.

In terms of colours, the wood color is predominantly the old design, with some of the other colors being mostly dark.

Such as black, brown, olive, burgundy, green, and mauve.

As for the modern rooms, they are distinguished by their light and delicate colors,

such as pastel colors and earth tones.

Where you find it tends to white, gray, light mauve, milky, off-white, and beige.

Modern bedroom prices 2023

Elmalek Furniture offers the most beautiful and luxurious modern bedroom.

All his designs are modern and inspired by the latest international catalogs.

Including the Andso room

It is distinguished by the fact that it includes important and basic furniture pieces,

which are the bed, the dresser, the chair, the pouf, and 2 nightstands, in addition to the TV unit.

It has a sophisticated light color “Off White” with a Captonian sarees lined with the finest types of fabrics and sponges.

It was manufactured from solid materials of wood with red beech and HPL veneer.

And use imported fabrics treated against fading or shrinkage.

As for the design as a whole, it is wonderful and harmonious in every detail.

Modern Bedrooms 2023

Modern Bedrooms 2023 Yulin

A distinctive design within the modern bedrooms of 2023, consisting of a quilted bed, 180 cm wide, comfortable and distinctive.

With 2 modern suppliers, with an elegant hairstyle and comfortable buff to sit on.

This is in addition to the TV unit that holds the screen and the receiver in an elegant and elegant form.

Distinctive modern room

A distinctive design bearing the name of the room Petrillo, it is a beautiful oil color.

The bed is 180 cm wide, with sturdy legs that raise it slightly off the floor for a luxurious look.

With bed head lining of high-density foam, and fabrics that have been treated so they won’t shrink or lose color.

The headboard design also looks like suites that contain poufs with the bed in the same cozy configuration.

Contemporary cylinder-shaped pouffes, equipped with strong marbles, can withstand hot and cold drinks.

Modern Prentice Room

Modern bedrooms 2023, including this sophisticated design, which includes a 180 cm bed.

There are 2 modern consoles with a distinctive design with drawers that hold a lot of things.

The colors of the pillows are in harmony with the bed, as they combine beige with black.

As for the dresser of this room, it is of white color that breaks the intensity of the rest of the colors.

It consists of a vertical mirror with a clear view, with several wide and large side drawers, to carry all the cosmetics and cosmetics in an organized manner.

Modern sleep mode

Contemporary room in a charming gray color Bellaby.

With a 180 cm wide bed, with upholstery of the finest types of fabrics that achieve warmth and psychological comfort.

With the modern addition of 2 nightstands in the same dark gray color, with a strong marble top, cylindrical shape and several deep drawers.

This with the addition of a gray marble dresser that has a beautiful circular mirror, which achieves a distinctive view.

غرفة رامو

Modern bedrooms 2023 Elmalek Furniture are all distinctive, there is no similarity between one design and another.

That’s because it’s always creative, offering everything new and trendy.

This room features a large modern bed with a width of 2 meters,

with white fabrics in the colors of the bridal bedrooms to provide a feeling of purity and relaxation.

The fabrics are also treated and strong and the sponge does not droop because it is high in density,

so the bed will keep its beauty and elegance for many years.

This is in addition to 2 bedside table in brown color, which have wide and deep drawers,

which hold a lot of needs and purposes.

There is also a large wardrobe with a width of 280 cm, which is similar in design to a dressing room.

It has a special interior partition that suffices for all your clothes and items.

غرفة رامو

From the above, it can be said that Elmalek Furniture has the most beautiful and latest modern bedrooms 2023 that can be obtained by request, just choose the shape you want from the 2023 bedroom, and specify the sizes and colors,

so that all the details are implemented according to your desire.

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