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Sofa, 2 Chair

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Fiona Best Antreh shop


Sofa and Two Chairs


Red beech wood
Stainless steel 304
High density sponge (Taki)
Fiber upholstery
Treated velvet fabric


sofa : width 220 cm depth 78 cm height 85 cm
chair : width 63 cm depth 63 cm height 85 cm

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Fiona’s Best Antreh Shop

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Welcome to Fiona’s Best Antreh Shop, where luxurious living rooms come to life! As an esteemed luxury Furniture brand, Elmalek Furniture takes pride in offering exceptional products and unparalleled service. Our focus is on modern living rooms, and we strive to create stunning designs that elevate the heart of your home.

Living rooms have become the focal point of our homes, a place where we gather with family and friends to relax, entertain, and make cherished memories. It is essential to have a space that reflects your personality and style, and at Fiona’s Best Antreh Shop, we have curated the finest collection of living room Furniture that caters to every taste and preference.

Our living room designs blend elegance, functionality, and comfort effortlessly. Whether you prefer a minimalist contemporary style or a bold and luxurious vibe, we have it all. From sleek and chic sofas to exquisite coffee tables and artistic accent chairs, every piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring unmatched quality and durability.

Embrace the essence of modern living with our diverse range of living room furniture. Our vast selection of sofas caters to various needs, whether it be spacious sectionals for large gatherings or cozy loveseats for a more intimate setting. Adorn your walls with captivating artwork, and choose from our extensive collection of exquisite rugs to add warmth and visual interest to your space.

At Fiona’s Best Antreh Shop, we understand that living rooms are not only a reflection of your style, but they also need to be functional and practical. Therefore, we offer smart storage solutions that are seamlessly incorporated into our furniture designs, allowing you to keep your living room organized without compromising on aesthetics.

When you choose Fiona’s Best Antreh Shop, you choose exceptional quality and dedicated customer service. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect pieces that suit your individual needs. We take pride in making your living room design journey a memorable and enjoyable experience.

So, if you are looking to transform your living room into a modern oasis, visit Fiona’s Best Antreh Shop today. Discover the finest selection of living room furniture and let your imagination soar. Create a space that combines style, sophistication, and functionality seamlessly, while reflecting your unique personality. At Fiona’s Best Antreh Shop, luxury awaits you!


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